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October 29th, 2018 Comments

Vmware NSX Engineer Job Description

The VMware NSX Engineer is an IT professional trained to effectively integrate and implement the VMware NSX security platform within a hybrid cloud infrastructure. It is the NSX Engineer’s duty to provide expertise in all aspects of network technology security for a VMware virtualized environment.

VMware is the global leader in the platform virtualization software and services industry. From desktop support to data center solutions, VMware provides businesses and organizations with the essential resources needed to maintain and fully utilize software-defined networks.

VMware NSX Engineers deliver this service by applying their extensive knowledge of the network hypervisor, the platform used to deploy virtual networks. Since the introduction of NSX in 2017, Engineers have the unique ability to simultaneously implement security measures through the use of security groups that target multiple VMs (Virtual Machines). This results in the increased safety and productivity of a business’s VMware virtualized network environment.

The standard responsibilities of a VMware NSX Engineer include:
  • Providing security and network support for physical networking and firewall services.
  • Ensuring network reliability and availability through well-planned and implemented solutions
  • Delivering network and security infrastructures
  • Developing, maintaining, and supporting networks in NSX/NSX-T
  • Implementing networking and VXLAN technologies

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