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November 14th, 2018 Comments

Puppy Potty Training Tips - Learn the steps


If you are a new puppy owner, a list of puppy potty training tips is one of the things you need to have. You can teach your puppy a lot of tricks, but you can never teach him how to use the toilet. It is very important for your puppy to learn to do his business in the appropriate area so your entire house will not stink and your family’s health will not suffer. Take time to read these simple potty training tips you can try it on your pet:

Basic Puppy Training

Potty training starts with obedient training. You can use simple obedient commands that your puppy can understand and handle at his age. You can teach him how to come toward you when you call his name or teach him how to sit. These things will prepare him for other training and shape his behavior. It’s like teaching your child the A-B-Cs before teaching him how to read. Once your puppy knows how to respond to your command, it will be easier to potty train him.

Give your Puppy a Special Reward

You should look out for signs to indicate that your puppy needs to relieve himself. One of the more obvious signs is that he will go in circles while sniffing. Once you see this, bring your puppy to your backyard or the special place you made for his business and wait for him to potty. When he is done, give him a special reward that you don’t usually give during other training. This is one of the best puppy potty training tips, as your puppy will recognize that getting the special reward requires him to go for potty in the appropriate area.

Create a Good Potty Training Experience for your Puppy

Accidents will happen before, during and after potty training sessions. Yelling at your little puppy will not help him understand the importance of peeing and pooping outside your house. It will only scare him and this will lead to hiding from you whenever your puppy feels like pooping. Extend your patience and avoid this behavior because it will never help. Instead of shouting, you may choose to lessen the reward that he will get for the day or increase the positive reinforcements whenever he potties in the right place.

Use Training Pads

Using training pads or used newspaper is also a good puppy potty training tips. Your puppy will go for potty during the day and at night. If you want to skip the hassle of going out, especially in the evening, to let your puppy do his stuff, place a training pad on the floor where you keep your puppy. You need to use this technique as early as possible so that the puppy will not think that this is one of those toys you used to give him and chew or break it.

These puppy potty training tips are applicable to puppies as young as eight months. Potty training is not only about teaching your puppy where to potty. You also need to make sure that the appropriate place for this activity is clean, as feces easily invite germs and flies. You will never like your puppy to step on his own poop either.

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