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November 30th, 2018 Comments

Dubai Package Tour - The Best Way to Spend your Winter Vacations in the City


Your Dubai package tour with your friends or family will be a memorable experience because this cosmopolitan city offers a number of entertaining outdoor activities, especially in the winter season. The winter season is the perfect time to visit Dubai because the summers are extremely warm and unsuitable for any kind of sport or fun activities. However, the weather during the winters in Dubai is quite pleasant especially in the evenings which makes it easy for everyone to step out into the water or engage in other outdoor activities.

Therefore, if you want to spend a pleasant time on your winter vacations then plan your package tour Dubai with your loved ones and engage in some of the following entertaining activities.

Experience a Desert Safari on your Dubai Package Tour  

One of the most enjoyable and popular outdoor activity is the desert safari. In the summers, the desert is the last place anyone would want to go especially during the day. However, in the winters, there are a large number of people who want to experience a desert safari with their friends or families. You will have a memorable time as you explore the desert in huge jeeps and have an evening meal at a Bedouin camp before you finally head back towards the city. The desert gives an insight into the traditional way of life for Arabs which is a sight you must witness when you plan a Dubai package tour direct flight.

Have an Outdoor Movie Experience

An outdoor cinema experience is definitely one of the activities that you must consider when you travel with your friends or family to this wonderful city. You will find a number of outdoor cinemas on your Dubai package tour that offer the perfect experience of enjoying the classic movies under the stars accompanied by a pleasant evening breeze. You can also pack some food or make a picnic out of it. There are some outdoor cinemas that arrange screenings of kids’ movies which is a great way to spend some time with your family on your Dubai package tour cheap.

Visit Al-Qudra Lakes

Al-Qudra Lakes is one of the most perfect places to visit if you want an unforgettable and unique outdoor experience with your loved ones. These are a series of lakes are located almost 30 mins from the city of Dubai. It provides numerous opportunities for the tourists and the locals to have an experience of a lifetime. There are no established facilities at this location, therefore, you must be prepared with food and basic facilities if you visit the lakes on your Dubai package tour. At the Al-Qudra lakes, you will find a cycling track, a magnificent view of the city’s skyline, a breath-taking desert sunset and a number of local wildlife including foxes and 170 species of birds. Therefore, you must visit the Al-Qudra Lakes on your Dubai direct flight package tour with your loved ones for an unforgettable experience on your trip.

Enjoy the Water Sports

If you are a great water sports enthusiast then you will not be disappointed to plan your package tour Dubai direct flight in the months of winter when the rest of the world is almost freezing. This is because the winter in Dubai is the perfect time to get ready for an enjoyable day at the beach. There are a number of public beaches in the city that are free and accessible for everyone. These beaches provide the basic beach equipment, food stalls and suitable winds and waves for water sports like surfing, flyboarding, kitesurfing and so much more. Therefore, during your Dubai package tour in the winters, you can visit the beach and spend some relaxing time by the water or engage in the water sports for an exciting time on your holiday.

Horse Riding

One of the most exciting and enjoyable outdoor activities that you should not miss on your package tour Dubai in the winter is horse riding in the desert. There are miles and miles of desert to explore which create a perfect background for a horse riding session. This activity is safe and suitable for people who have no experience in horse riding as well because professional assistance is always present to ensure that everyone has a good time. You can also choose to either go for a sunrise ride or a sunset ride when you go for a horse riding trip on your winter Dubai package tour which is guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

Key Takeaways!

Dubai is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world because there are a number of incredible experiences waiting for the tourists. These experiences include visiting the indoor achievements such as an ice rink, a massive aquarium or a ski resort and some of the best and unique outdoor experiences such as desert safari, exploring the region and so much more. Therefore, if you are looking forward to spend an exciting winter vacation then plan a Dubai package tour and enjoy the outdoor activities mentioned above with your loved ones.

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