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January 24th, 2019 Comments

Managing Your Body’s Excrement Can Lead to Good Health

The body has to do a lot of the basic functions that are needed for it to perform well. There are some functions that people can control, but there are those that they can’t. Just like when the digestive system is doing its functions where it dissolves the food and carries the nutrients all over the body. Speaking of the digestive system, one function it does is it will separate the things that aren’t needed by the body. They are then excreted out by the person in the form of excrement. While defecating or pooping sounds gross, it is a natural body function, and that can lead to good health.

What you need to know about defecating

Defecating is a good thing because your body is getting rid of the wastes from your body. That also means that the less waste you make means, the healthier the food you eat. There are also times where you can have a low defecation interval. That means that some people that defecate once a day but there are those that can go on for days without pooping. The thing to keep in mind is that forcing yourself to defecate is not a good idea. You’ll just be stressing yourself, but people have that mindset where they fear of needing to defecate, and they don’t have access to a good toilet. Find more details about it on this link.



The downside of forcefully defecating when you don’t need to is that you may have some pains later on. If nothing is coming out, then you don’t need to do it. The good thing about defecating is that not only does it removes the wastes from your body, it also gives some relief. Defecating does feel good once you released all of that stress.

A few things you might want to consider 

Defecating can be done on a toilet, but there are those that go for an alternative method. We’re not talking about pooping on the ground or the river, but something called a composting toilet. It is a toilet where it doesn’t rely on water. Think of something like a cat’s litter box, but this one looks like an actual toilet. The waste directly goes down the container on the toilet or those that have a design where it directly goes to a large compartment. A composting toilet does seem a bit different, but there are a lot of people using it today because the compost is something that they can use in the process. If you are worried about popping out of the right time, then you can also go for medication that helps slow down bowel movement.

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