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January 24th, 2019 Comments

Top 10 educational apps in 2019



With approx, 5 million apps accessible, the Google Play store and iOS App Store provides a different variety of titles, from best-ignored downloads to actually helpful apps and games. For every admired favorite like Toca or BrainPOP, there are a lot more new, undervalued, uncommonly fun, or simple unnoticed gems. either you would like to fill a student’s tablet or phone with applications or only test something new on your present device, here you have got the best students apps and sites in 2019 site like Assignment writing services you are not using not but should.

The New Year means new apps and we have got some incredible apps to help out your children welcome 2019. This year, you have a lot of choices. Fulfilling New Year's promises to "gain more" would not be trouble in 2019 — there is a plethora of amazing new apps hitting play store in the next few months. Until now we witnessed developer drive the boundaries of what an app can add to a child's learning and development.

Teachers can hit upon best students apps for about any subjects like Math, Science, English, History, Languages, Geography, Music, Arts, and Coding that would help greatly in the classroom. Teachers can as well come across apps associated with syllabus and lesson plans for the apps made by our professional teacher in the Teacher App Library.

Parents can get educational apps for their students and children that would let them be a part of their education at home. Educational App Store facilitates busy parents in exploring best educational apps for students to gain knowledge in an amusing way after school or in holidays. These apps facilitate students in developing essential skills required in school and encourage bonding among parents and students. Watch out App Library to search, find out and share the teacher suggested apps and apps guide made for busy parents.

When it’s about finding amazing apps for students 8-12 years old, you should search for apps that they will in fact use and enjoy; but, it is also significant to find apps that will keep them out of harm's way with parental control options and teach them. We have discovered the top apps for children to help you with no fear. So with no further argument, here are our ultimate Apps for Students for 2019.



1.      DoodleEnglish

DoodleEnglish examines and checks your children's strengths and weaknesses to offer a learning experience customized to them.


2.      Teach Your Monster to Read

The Teach your Monster to Read app is a high-quality app that educates children to study in a humorous and unsophisticated way. The app involves the first two years of reading, from corresponding letters and sounds to amusing books. The app has been intended in alliance with academics at Roehampton University and Complements Phases 2-5 of UK Government-approved Letters and Sounds and further key efficient synthetic phonics programmes. This app is free form in-app purchases and adverts.


3.      Eduisfun

Eduisfun is a learning platform that allows you to develop your understanding of more than 10.000 concepts.


4.      Memrise

Memrise is a course website designed to help the individual learn languages and terminology rapidly and efficiently. This app is offered for Android and iOS devices.


5.      Drona

Drona app is an application that allows you to enhance your general knowledge. It involves more than 50.000 questions to guess and everyday updates. You can appraise your knowledge.

6.      EngVarta

EngVarta is a learning app that allows users to hook up with live English professional, who are gladly available to help perk up their communiqué skill.


7.      Hologo

Developer Description: Hologo is created for learning. Where ever you might be, come across the lens of your device into the real world and search out projections of realistic virtual images and animations tailored for learning. By Hologic you can select an experience, move up to and around the learning AR models. Users can zoom in and separate objects and go deep into the models.

8.      Marble Math

One more educational app that uses gaming to strengthen skills is Marble Math. This high-quality app combines math and mazes.


9.      Gorogoa

The 2018 iPad Game of the Year award goes to Gorogoa, and you can easily witness the reason. This is a visually-rich riddle game that will challenge students and adults in a similar way.

10.  GarageBand

Searching for an app for your music-loving kid? The best free apps for students are GarageBand. This app allows students to record, edit, and create high-class music tracks.


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