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April 3rd, 2019 Comments

Quick and Easy Tips to Get Rid of Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Sometimes, due to food disorder, late-night parties and for lots of other reason, you feel a burning sensation that starts from your throat and extends up to your chest with it; you get small hiccups, bad breath, and belching. Such disorder is known as heartburn and it is really very irritating and painful experience. Usually, these things happen from having spicy, acidic and fatty food items. But, things are not simply that much always. If you are suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), then you can have heartburn and acid reflux as one of the common symptoms of the chronic disease and if it is left untreated, severe diseases, like Esophagus cancer can happen to the patient. So, if you have a chronic disease, you should always consult the doctor. But, if you are feeling a burning sensation on your chest and throat after having spicy and oily food, here are some easy tips those will make you feel better. Read on to know more-

1   Never Overeat

How to get rid of heartburn fast? The first answer is simple. You can avoid such kind of discomfort just by having limited food. There is a ring-like muscle at the joint of the esophagus and your stomach. When you eat something, it opens up to help you to swallow. The main objective of this organ is to prevent acidic contents to reach your esophagus. If you overeat, that part of your body will fail to control the acidic contents of your food and that will reach your esophagus and give you such discomfort. So, always eat in small portions.

2   Wear Loose Clothes

You will find it surprising that too much tight clothes can also cause heartburn. Actually, it happens when contents from your stomach go back to your esophagus. When you wear something too tight, it can create pressure on your stomach and you may suffer from the issue. Whenever you find it discomforting while you are out, loosen your belt, dress or pants to feel better.

3   Lose Weight

Obesity is the root of several health issues. Heartburn can also happen due to sudden weight gain. If you gain too much weight, rather belly fat at your abdomen area, it will create pressure and thus you can suffer from acid reflux. As a result, heartburn is the result you get. Lose weight now to get rid of such issues.

4   Maintain Good Posture

Many of you may not have the idea that maintaining good postures can be a great remedy for heartburn. If you are suffering from it, stand up instead of sitting or lying down. Such a posture will create less pressure on your esophagus sphincter and your stomach acid won’t reach there.

So, these are certain simple tips that you can follow if you are suffering from heartburn. But, if it is a chronic disease, consult your doctor now.

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