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May 9th, 2019 Comments

6 Energetic Benefits of Hessonite Gemstone

Over time, the earth has created mountains tall enough to kill people who try to hike them. It's wiped out entire populations with volcanic activity and yet, it still produces enough resources for new populations to grow.

Even those who don't believe in things they can't dissect in a laboratory have to admit, the earth has extreme power. So why would the jewels and stones that the earth makes in and on its surface not have some as well?

All crystals and sacred stones serve their purpose, but the Gomed stone is special. Not only is it gorgeous, but its magic may be exactly what your life needs right now.

Want to know if it's what you need to add to your collection? Read below.

What is the Gomed Stone?

In physical terms, the Gomed Stone is another name for the hessonite gemstone. It's a honey-red colored stone made of Calcium Aluminum Silicate, and it's sacred in the Hindu scriptures (in countries like India and the surrounding islands).

In the Hindu religion, the stone has a ruling planet, just as humans do when you look at astrology. Yet it's not a planet you'd recognize from your second-grade science class. It's the Vedic planet "Rahu" (or Dragon-Head, in Western words).

This planet isn't the friendliest of places, according to the Hindu writings. That's how the stone got its name, from the ancient Greek word "Hesson".

Hesson means "inferior", which makes sense, as the planet is a chaotic and malefic place.

The Stone's Physical Appearance

As is true for any type of stone, crystal, or jewel, hessonite has a few levels of quality. The lower quality stones and the most common are described as the color of "cow urine". It's an amber, which verges on light red.

The higher quality pieces, however, are almost ruby-red in color. Depending on the cut, they have deep facets and impressive color depth.

They're most often found in Sri Lanka, Africa, and India, so if you're buying the stone, look for it to be sourced from there. If it's not, you may not be getting a true hessonite or Gomed stone.

Gomed/Hessonite Powers

In many eastern religions, just because something is chaotic and has darker energy, doesn't mean it should be feared. Consider the god Kali—the destroyer. She destroys things, yes, but often new and more beautiful things emerge when things get rebuilt.

Use 1: Negative Energy Protection

The same is true for the Rahu planet stone. The planet has chaotic energy, yet this stone can help protect you from that energy affecting your life. It's a great stone for shielding yourself from negative vibes.

This is especially true if you're experiencing a time of turmoil in your life, or there's some phenomenon where other people's negative energies are pointed towards you (whether it's deserved or not).

Uses 2 & 3: Mental Clarity

It's also thought to help calm and regulate the mind of the wearer. If you have negative energies or chaos in your mind like depression or anxiety, this stone may help keep symptoms at bay (though it's not a replacement for doctor-prescribed medication).

For this use, think of it as it relates to Kali, the destroyer. Not all destruction/chaos is bad—it may be leading to a new and better headspace or project.

If you're a student or work in a field that calls for intense analytical thinking, then Gomed can help you keep a clear and concentrated headspace. It's known for helping people find direction, especially when it comes to creating and working through goals.

Use 4: Physical Health

If you suffer from chronic illnesses like allergies, epilepsy, common eye or sinus irritation along with hemorrhoids, this stone may help control your symptoms. All those things are caused by inflammation, which the stone (of chaos) contradictorily prevents against.

Some more extreme believers think it aids in the curing of more serious diseases, like cancers, and leprosy. Others even claim it can make the clumsy more graceful and settle a palpitating heart.

If you get nervous (with physical symptoms like shaking and sweating), hessonite can help calm you down while public speaking.

Use 5: Relationships

The ruby red (or amber) stone can help with the closeness and authenticity of relationships. To get this effect, both partners should wear the stone at the same time. By doing this, it's believed you'll experience more relational harmony and peace.

It also helps you relate to yourself through the "five fruits of life", one of which is meditation.

Use 6: Protects Against Dark Magic

If you believe you're being targeted by any dark magic, this stone will protect against that. No dark magic can affect you while you wear this stone.

Likewise, it will not allow you to cast any (successful) dark magic while you wear it either, though we don't believe you'd do that.

Finally, some believe that this stone gives people a leg up in competitions and helps them win whatever prize they're aiming for. If you have something big coming up ahead, it's worth a try.

The Many Uses of the Gomed Stone

This amber-red stone named for a chaotic planet will create anything but chaos in your life. You can trust it to make your mind clearer, your goals more achievable, and reduce bodily inflammation.

If you're interested in harnessing the power of the Gomed stone for yourself, remember to charge it and set intentions. It can't help you if you don't take care of it!

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