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May 15th, 2019 Comments

The Top 10 Best Internet Shopping Sites in 2019

When's the last time you went to the store for gift shopping? Or even to buy clothes, shoes, or food? Brick 'n' mortar stores are going the way of the dodo.

Their successor is the internet and all of the shops that pay rent there.

Everything imaginable is available for purchase through online retailers. Rubber duckies to human skulls to sports memorabilia.

But having so much freedom of choice is paralyzing. There's so much opportunity to buy, purchase, and order that it's overwhelming. Customers need a shepherd to guide them to greener pastures.

Don't be overwhelmed. These are the sites you should focus on; give them your money. They're the safest, quickest, and easiest to order from.

Amazon, the Best of the Online Retailers

Of course, Amazon. It's our go-to for just about everything.

Amazon has it all. They're an all-encompassing e-shop that just can't be beaten. It's our top choice -- and rightfully so.

Its catalog is infinite. From clothes to board games and even to tiny homes. If there's anything you need, you should start here.

This e-commerce giant came from humble beginnings. From a primordial soup of just books to a universe of stuff. It now even has its own generic brand, Amazon Basics, that's pretty darned good.

Membership is well worth the cost of joining the exclusive Prime club. For $10 a month ($5 for students), you'll gain access to 2-day shipping. As well as access to a host of services like Prime Music and Prime Video.

This brick 'n' mortar crusher has gotten so big that it has its own holiday. Prime Day is a celebrated day of discounts.

Small businesses, too, can operate on Amazon. For those interested in selling through Amazon with Shopify as a plug-in, check out this blog.


Having physical locations isn't all bad. Walmart is one of the few remaining titans of commerce with a tangible presence. This, actually, is their leg-up against Amazon.

Forget the 2-day shipping. Don't bother with expedited, either.

If you order from their site, you have the option to pick up your purchase the same day. Walmart is ubiquitous. There's definitely a location within driving distance to grab your goods.

But that's not Walmart's cornerstone. They actually offer something even more convenient: grocery pick-up.

This is a game-changer for those that don't like grocery shopping. You can order everything online to have some poor schmuck run your groceries. For free.


Their online store made our list for good reason. Their Walmart's competitor, but they offer something Walmart can't match. Target's stellar selection of in-house brands.

Their clothes are tailored for fashionistas on a budget. Target has a home decor section that'd make Pier1 blush. They even have a techy brand of electronics that they call their own.

And because their generic, they're cheap.

Take advantage of their generous RED card savings. It's their own credit line that has a 5% discount applied to all items. Also, look out for Cartwheel savings in their app.


This one's a funky addition to the list. Craigslist is more lawless than the other sites mentioned, so buyers beware. There's something great that can be found in chaos, though.

It's the website that killed the classifieds. Just about any used item is eligible for selling and buying on Craigslist. It can be a good place to snag deals on niche items.

The big boys of e-shopping offer everything, but not that used armoire sitting in granny's garage. This is Craigslist bread 'n' butter. Hard to find junk can be another person's prized treasure.

Use Craigslist with caution, though. It can be a good resource to find obscure items, but as we said, it's lawless. Craigslist doesn't have the safety nets of corporate policy and a customer service suite.

Be careful. Take a buddy with you to exchanges. Or meet the other person in a safe, well-lit area.


It's like fancy Craigslist. With eBay, there is safety assurance for buyers. eBay - coupled with PayPal - is very buyer supportive; they'll reimburse you.

One of eBay's greatest attributes is the auction type of sales. This is advantageous to sellers and buyers. It creates an environment for products to be sold for exactly as their valued.

Buyers should bid the most their willing to pay as their first offer. Sellers should not list items for less than what they value their goods. This creates a very harmonious economic game.

Items can also be bought in an instant, like other e-commerce shops. A lot of corporate listings have a "buy it now" option.


Etsy is the creative aunt that comes to family reunions to sell knickknacks. Some of her gewgaws and trinkets are great; some aren't.

This e-shop is an amateur craft show. And instead of standing in the head at your local community center, you can sit in the AC without pants and shop.

It makes for a neat online mom-and-pop. Its best asset is the creative entrepreneurs in their own corners of the shop.


Make a wish. Was it for cheap material items?

An ex-Google developer created Wish for a particular niche side of the market. Cheap stuff made in China.

That's about it. The quality isn't upstanding, so don't make big purchases there. But to buy a cheap pocket knife and a laser pointer, it's good enough.


It's Wish's main competitor. And it's a big one.

It's owned by Alibaba. You might not have heard of them in the States, but they're a big deal in the East.

AliExpress is this company's bridge to connect cheap manufacturers and the western market. AliExpress has a little bit of everything for a little bit of the cost.

Like Wish, the quality won't be the best. But it'll suffice.


Wayfair is all about furniture. Furniture at way fair prices.

The company didn't set out to be the next Amazon or Walmart. They found their niche, and they're rocking it.

The site is a great way to refurbish a room or brighten up the kitchen on a budget.

One of its assets is customer service. If you're unhappy with the item, there's a no-questions-asked returned policy. They also tout free delivery for most purchases.

Best Buy

Yeah, they're still around. They're clinging onto relevance with their online site. But, credit is due - it's a pretty great site.

They may be the next physical store to be crushed by the internet's weight. But their online presence is poppin'.

They offer an extremely competitive program of price matching. If you can find it listed cheaper on a competitor's website, they'll honor the price.

Best Buy also has some pretty substantial deals during the holiday season.

Checkout Time

The landscape of shopping has been completely redesigned. Catalogs and newspaper ads are irrelevant in the face of the internet.

The biggest and the best of the online retailers is Amazon. It's all-encompassing.

Walmart, Target, and Best Buy try to capture some of Amazon's market share. There are niche reselling websites like eBay and Craigslist, as well as Wayfair for furniture and Etsy for crafts. Then there are cheap retailers like Wish and AliExpress that import goods.

Don't forget to keep up with today's news after your e-shopping trip!

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