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May 21st, 2019 Comments

Countdown to Kick In: How Long Does CBD Take to Work?

If you live in a major city, you've probably heard about the newest craze that's taking off. CBD has jumped to the top of media headlines and is advertised in every store window. But despite its popularity, many people don't understand how cannabis extract works. 

You certainly don't want to jump into your first CBD experience without knowing what to expect. The most common question people have regarding CBD consumption is 'how long does CBD take to work?' 

If you're looking for the answer you're in the right place. Read on, and we'll walk you through everything you need to know. 

No Simple Answer

Like any other kind of medicine, it takes a little bit of time for CBD to really start working. But how long is that time period? 

In order to feel the effects, CBD must first enter into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the cannabis extract is spread through the Endocannabinoid System. Here is where the cannabinoid receptors in CBD can bond with those in the body and create the relaxed feeling we desire. 

But that process does take a certain amount of time. It's certainly not instantaneous. How long does it take to absorb and bond with our personal systems? The answer actually varies from person to person. 

Several key factors can determine how long it takes for CBD to take effect. The usage method and type of CBD used play a big part, and we'll talk about that more in a bit. But your personal body weight and metabolism also will determine how long it takes for CBD to really kick in. 

Whether you're trying to relax or enjoy the great outdoors, CBD can help. We'll break down how your consumption can affect your wait time below. 

How Are You Consuming CBD? 

We mentioned that usage method plays a big role in how quickly CBD can take effect. This is totally true. You may not realize it, but there is a huge variety of ways in which CBD can be consumed and taken into the bloodstream. 

CBD can be consumed orally, applied topically, inhaled, or even sent into the bloodstream via vaping. Each of these consumption methods sends CBD into the bloodstream via a unique path. 

Each of these various paths will pass through different digestive functions of the body, filtering CBD on the way to your bloodstream. The less digestive functions your CBD has to work through, the quicker it'll reach your bloodstream and begin to take effect. 

Comparing Ways To Use CBD

As we just mentioned, there are many different ways to use CBD. We'll walk you through a few of them below and explain how quickly (or slowly) they will make the CBD process. 


One of the quickest forms of CBD absorption is through inhalation. CBD vapes are a popular item, and these tools can help your body feel the effects of CBD almost instantly. 

When you inhale, CBD enters the lungs and quickly transfers through the bloodstream via the alveoli sacs in the lungs. All in all, this creates an almost direct route to your bloodstream that can get CBD there within seconds. 

The drawback of this method is that the effects of CBD may wear off more quickly than with other consumption styles. There can also be some health risks associated with inhaling CBD smoke into your lungs. You'll need to consider the pros and cons of vaping before launching into this form of consumption. 

Sublingual Drops

If you're not already a smoker, vaping CBD probably doesn't sound all that appealing. But you may have a much better time purchasing some CBD sublingual drops. 

These drops are applied beneath the tongue. If you hold the drops in this location for thirty to sixty seconds, the sensitive veins in your tongue will work to soak up the CBD molecules directly. 

This process will take a bit longer than absorption through your lungs. But it should only take about five to twenty minutes to feel the effects when administered this way. For a much more relaxing consumption process, this might be the best way to go. 


The most popular form of CBD consumption is probably ingestion. There are so many different cafes and health food stores that are creating products meant for consumption that contain CBD oil. CBD edibles, capsules and even CBD-infused coffee are all quite big sellers today. 

If you're looking for a long-lasting effect, this is probably the consumption method you'll want to go with. Consuming CBD oil helps to prolong the effects of CBD. Your digestive tract may take several hours to fully work through what you've consumed, meaning you'll receive a steady stream of cannabinoids into your bloodstream. 

This also means it might take you a bit longer to feel the effects of CBD coming in. It can anywhere from a half hour to over an hour to truly start feeling the effects of CBD via ingestion. This method is where your metabolism and weight can really play a huge role. 

Kick-in times may vary from person to person. 

Topical Application

Last but not least, there is always topical application when it comes to CBD. This method works to target pain in certain areas of the body. It's used more in a prescription setting, working to help those with arthritis or other inflammation issues. 

CBD location will enter a specific part of the body through the skin and works fairly fast. It's common to feel the effects a topical application within a few minutes of time. 

How Long Does CBD Take To Work? 

The most common question when it comes to the new CBD fad is, 'how long does CBD take to work?' The answer isn't quite black and white, but the above information should help you determine which method will give you the wait time you're comfortable with. 

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