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May 27th, 2019 Comments

5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride

How many days until your next anniversary? What about the next birthday?

Are you rattling your brain trying to figure out what the perfect gift could be? What do you get the person who already has everything?

We are here today to solve all of your gifting woes. Three words: hot air balloon.

What? Yes, a hot air balloon ride is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone.

Read on to learn why.


First off, riding in a hot air balloon is one of the most romantic dates you could go on.

What other opportunity do you have to spend some alone time up in the clouds? Imagine a first kiss up above the clouds. If you're planning your first date, check out this website for some tips and tricks.

Think about floating above the sun as it melts into the ground during the most incredible sunset you’ve ever seen.

Who knows, it could even be an opportunity to join the mile high club… just kidding. Don’t forget that the pilot will be there too.

Incredible Aerial Views

Remember the last time that you were on a plane and you glued your face to the window, just trying to get a good review? Now, imagine having that view, but instead of a tiny window to look through, you’ll have a full 360 view.

Find yourself feeling like Dorothy as you pass over your home, and maybe even the wicked witches house.

just imagine floating over the Grand Canyon or the Appalachian Trail. Could there be a more incredible view?

Float Like a Feather

If the romance and the views haven’t got your attention, you should consider a hot air balloon ride simply for the fact that you finally get to feel like a bird.

There is no freedom like the feeling of being weightless and free from boundaries.

One deep breath and you will find yourself one with the wind and the skies. There is no comparable feeling.

Plus. floating in a hot air balloon is safer than driving in a car, considering how few fender benders occur in the clouds. It is considered, “one of the safest means of flying in existence.” There have only been 16 reported deaths via hot air balloon from 2002 to 2012.

Wine and Dine in the Sky

Riding in a hot air balloon is the perfect excuse to crack open a new bottle of wine (as if we needed an excuse.)

If you’re thinking of going on a hot air balloon by yourself, it could be a perfect solo date. Don't forget to bring along the essential oils and CBD for an even more relaxing date.

Every now and then we have to treat ourselves, and what better way than to wine and dine above the clouds.

Why Not Ride in a Hot Air Balloon?

Above all else, why not jump in a hot air balloon? If all of the reasons listed above aren’t enough to convince you, just think, “why not?“

Whether you're considering a hot air balloon ride as a gift to a loved one or as a gift to yourself, we promise it's totally worth the ride. Heck, hot air balloons are perfect for any occasion.

Be sure to keep following our blog for more helpful tips, tricks, and news stories.

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