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May 30th, 2019 Comments

9 Creative Wedding Gift Ideas Perfect For All Seasons

Did you know that the average cost of a wedding gift for a close friend was $99?

Whilst it might seem that spending almost $100 would get you an endearing gift, it may still lack the crucial ingredient - originality.

Selecting a wedding gift that is original, yet still practical and that they will not return - or even re-gift - is a challenge.

If you are looking for inspiration, check out our list of the top 9 creative wedding gift ideas that are perfect for all seasons.

The Perfect Pasta Maker

Your newly married friends may be jetting off to Tuscany for their honeymoon, or just wishing that they were. In any case, you can give them the taste of Italian cuisine.

This is more than just ensuring that they can make their favorite pasta dishes. Making pasta is a team activity. You are ensuring that they spend many a Saturday afternoon together.

Think of them enjoying married life while slowly pressing pasta and simmering tomatoes.

Brilliant Bookends

Book reading is a great activity for newly married couples. Think of all they can learn about each other as they share the fruits of their reading with each other.

Every house should have a bookshelf of some shape or size. There is a good chance that the couple will receive books as wedding gifts. Bookends give the couple the opportunity to keep these other wedding gifts on display and in good condition.

Scrapbook Time

Th ultimate in creative wedding gift ideas, this idea actually inspires creativity in others.

Almost all couples have a scrapbook plan. After the wedding, they plan to gather all those mementos of their courtship and wedding. They will have the pictures physically printed and build a truly memorable scrapbook.

Yet think of the time after the wedding and honeymoon. They will have written and sent hundreds of thank-you cards, and life will have begun in earnest.

Is there likely to be time and energy left for the gathering of materials and scrapbook making?

Here is where you become their best friend. By providing the book you start this project for them. Maybe you can even include some memories of your own in there.

Keep the gift wrapping open until the last minute. You may even be able to include wedding favors - the ultimate memory of the special day.

There are many companies that will design and ship a customized book to you or your friends. This makes the gift something that they will look back on for years to come.

Breakfast in Bed

Every couple who likes a lazy Sunday morning will appreciate someone to prepare breakfast for them.

No, we are not suggesting that you crash their apartment on a Sunday morning.

You can prepare a breakfast tray, with all the trimmings, ahead of time and give it as a gift.

A tray could include conserves, dried fruits, and nuts, recipes for waffles, even small cereal boxes. You can include anything that does not spoil. This would be the invitation a couple needs to stay in bed for the extra hour on a weekend. This will ensure their eternal gratitude.

Sleeping Under the Stars

Are your friends the kind that will skip the restful comfortable honeymoon? Would they like something a little more adventurous? Like backpacking or the great outdoors?

In that case, you can buy them the chance to sleep under the stars for a night. Surprisingly, tents are becoming a popular wedding gift as more and more couples look to head out into nature.

Some love the clean air and exercise; others have the desire just to get away from it all. Whatever the reason, more and more couples are looking to rough it outside.

Buying them a tent, or camping accessory if they already have one, is the perfect way to show that you know them well. They will be truly grateful as you are giving them something they will really use.

Honeymoon Liquors

A fantastic wedding, a luxurious honeymoon. Sometimes coming back down to earth can be tough after the high living of the wedding.

You can make life easier for your friends by getting them, post-honeymoon sweets. These are small packages of liquors or luxury chocolates. They give the couple a taste of that special time long after the wedding is over.

As a bonus, you can pack the sweets in small boxes and date them. This means that the honeymoon feeling lasts much longer than a single gift. your friends will also appreciate your gift and thoughtfulness for as long as the boxes last.

Dates That Never End

What is the famous trick question posed to new husbands everywhere? "When do you stop dating?" - the answer is never.

However, in the weeks and months following the wedding, it can be difficult to find the time for dates and the time to plan quality dates.

This is where your gift comes in. By purchasing dates ahead of time - cinema, theatre, sports event tickets - you give the couple a head start.

Tight on a budget or can’t find the right events? Why not host it yourself? Create a ticket that offers a romantic meal, that you will cook, or a summer picnic, that you will pack and deliver.

Cookware for Foodies

Are your friends "foodies"? If yes, they will appreciate copper cookware.

Here is the science part: Copper is an excellent conductor of heat. Cookware that is made from copper will conduct heat consistently around the pan. This means that the food cooks more evenly than cookware made from other materials.

For this reason, and its lightweight construction, professional chefs everywhere choose copper cookware.

Your foodie friends will appreciate that you have upgraded their cooking and eating experience to the next level.

When You Need More Than Creative Wedding Gift Ideas

Buying a wedding gift is a matter of thought, budget and original thinking - something we often have little time for.

However, creative wedding gift ideas are not the only subject that we need help with.

Check out our blog for the latest in creative ideas, where people share their creative thoughts and ideas for you to benefit from.

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