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May 30th, 2019 Comments

Instagram like Hacks and General Hacks to Make You That Much Closer to an Influencer

Life pretty much revolves around Instagram these days. And whether you are looking to brand a company, brand yourself as an influence, or simply get more exposure on the app for fun, it's all about finding tricks to up your likes.

So I've put together this list of Instagram like hacks just for you.

It's a set of easy to follow actions that will take your Instagram exposure to new levels. You'll be following in the footsteps of all your favorite influencers.

And what you do with all your new followers and likes... that's totally up to you!

Sound interesting? Keep reading to find out more.

Spruce Up That Bio

When it comes to your Instagram bio, having a clean look that includes line breaks is a great way to go.

But unfortunately, Instagram doesn't make it easy to do that. But there's an easy workaround.

Open up the app on your phone that does note-taking, and type your bio out on it. Use the return button to make sure there are line breaks in between text.

Copy the bio from your note-taking app, and then open up Instagram. Head over to "Edit Profile", and in the 'bio' field, paste the text in. Hit 'done' and you're all set.

You've got a clean looking bio with line breaks in it!

Search Results Strategy

Take advantage of the fact that the 'Name' field in your bio on Instagram is searchable. This means putting extra info in there that might attract results from people searching on the app.

Pick keywords that are relevant to you or your business, and stick them right there in your name.

There's nothing wrong with changing your Instagram from Jane Smith to Jane Influencer Smith, right?

Whatever keywords you add to your name will have an increased chance of showing up in someone else's search results.

Special Characters

Ever notice how a lot of popular Instagram profiles use fun characters? I'm talking about things like stars, pencils, the sun, etc.

That's a fun and easy thing you can add to your bio or name to get it looking more like an influencer.

Start by opening up Microsoft Word, and type in your name or bio text.

Pick a spot where you'd like a special character to go, and then click on 'Insert' and then 'Advanced Symbol'.

It'll open up a lit of all the special characters available to you, like arrows or astrological signs.

Be sure to look through the various Wingdings font menus for a ton of great symbols and characters.

Once you've added the symbols and characters into your bio where you want them, copy the text.

Open up Instagram on your computer and go to "Edit Profile". Then paste the bio from Word into your Instagram bio.

Bump Your Hashtags Down

Anyone who is familiar with Instagram knows the importance of hashtags. In fact, any post that has at least one hashtag will average 12.6% more engagement than not having any hashtags.

So having an aggressive hashtag strategy is key to building a following and increasing likes.

However, if you have 25-30 hashtags bunched up together right below the main caption of your photo, it's not a great look.

So in order to take advantage of the exposure hashtags can give you, while still maintaining clean looking posts, you'll want to bump your hashtags down a bunch to the bottom of the post.

You can do this really easily. Once your caption and hashtags are typed into your post, put the cursor at the top of the screen, underneath your caption.

Then add several lines of a simple symbol below the caption. Often people use asterisks, dashes or periods. Make sure you hit return in between each one, so it takes the list of hashtags further and further down the screen.

So now your hashtags are still fully integrated into your post, but they don't fill your followers' screens and look messy.

Vary Up Your Content

Did you know that video posts generally receive more than 2 times the comments that photo posts get? But at the same time, the average number of photo post likes is higher?

This should tell you something, namely that you should be utilizing both types of posts!

Don't stick to only photos or only videos. There is a different type of user engagement that comes from each of these post styles.

So you might as well vary up the type of posts you put up on Instagram and get the best of both worlds!

And consider adding in your geographical location when you are posting something relevant to a specific place. Here's a good resource to learn more about that.

Constant Stories

Instagram changed up its algorithm so that you don't automatically appear on your followers feeds when you post.

One way you can address this challenge is to post stories regularly. Stories appear at the top of everyone's screen, giving them a feeling of being first in their feed.

If you are posting stories every day, there's a much better chance of being seen by your followers, who then have a better chance of clicking through to your profile and liking your posts.

Pick the Right Times

Do a Google search for the best times to post on Instagram. Then try to make sure you are posting in those times.

The Instagram algorithm responds best when you have quick responses to your posts.

In other words, if you catch people at a time when they are more likely to quickly respond, there's a better chance your posts will appear in the feeds of more followers.

You can either choose to post manually at those times or use one of several apps that allow you to pick when your post will automatically go up.

Instagram Like Hacks

Try putting these Instagram like hacks into your routine and watch as your user engagement, likes and followers start going up.

It might take a little work at first, but soon you'll be using Instagram the same way that all your favorite influencers use it!

If you'd like to know more, check out this blog post for more great info.

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