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June 2nd, 2019 Comments

Old Home Repair: Basics of Foundation Replacement Cost

Buying an older home is a gamble. On one hand, you're getting character and hand-finished touches that new builds don't get. On the other, you might be getting outdated electrical work, not-up-to-code plumbing, and or foundation cracks.

If your home comes up with foundation issues in the inspection before you buy, you need to consider the foundation replacement cost. Having to work under the existing house (where the foundation is) can be expensive and you need to decide if it's worth it.

Here are a few things that denote foundation damage and a look at what to do if you find it.

Things That Hint to a Damaged Foundation

If you're getting a home inspection for an older home, look out for these things. If you already live in an older home - take note if you see these things develop.

Sagging Doors and Cracked Windows

Hanging a door is a very complex process. It involves propping it up so that it hangs correctly and shaving the door down so it swings perfectly.

If you notice a door starting to swing unevenly or switch (and you don't live in an overly humid place) this could be foundation damage. Basically, the foundation is the deepest ground floor of your home. If one part cracks and sinks, so will the parts of the home above it.

Your foundation can also get pushed up, and crack upwardly. That happens when roots or some other sort of damage adds height underneath your foundation blocks.

Then you'd see parts of your floor/windows/doors pushing up, instead of sagging down.

Cracks in windows are a sign that the foundation damage is extreme, as it takes a lot of imbalance to crack the glass. Get someone out immediately if you notice any of these issues.

Cracked Floors

If you have tile around your home that has mysterious cracks and you don't remember dropping something heavy on it - it might be foundation damage. Tile is delicate and needs to rest on a flat surface.

When that surface stops being flat, then something as simple as stepping on the tile can crack it.

Standing Water or Mold

If you find puddles around your home and you know you don't have a leak, that's cause for alarm. It could mean that there's an issue or a crack in your foundation which isn't repelling water as it should.

The same goes for mold around baseboards and in corners of the wall. Get a leak detector specialist out stat to find the root of the problem.

Foundation Replacement Cost

If you've ever watched Property Brothers or HGTV in general, you know that the foundation replacement cost is going to run you at least $5,000. And that's on the low side. It may not be worth buying a house with extreme foundation issues - even if you love the rest of it.

If you have to have it, the buyer needs to bring the price down so that you can spend the money on repairs.

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