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June 13th, 2019 Comments

Five Tips on How to Maintain Your Commercial Refrigerator

A commercial refrigerator can help you to run your business smoothly. If you own a restaurant or you are associated with the catering business, it is nearly impossible to continue your business without a standard quality refrigeration system. This will cool all your ingredients and beverages to perfection. This is why; it is necessary to check your unit routinely. It helps you to understand whether your unit is working properly or not.

So, what should you do on a regular basis? In the following write up, I have given some useful commercial fridge maintenance tips. You can follow these tips to keep your unit running smoothly for years. Please, check these out now.

1.      Clean The Interior And Exterior Regularly

You should schedule a thorough cleaning of your entire refrigeration system on a weekly basis. Before proceeding further, you should remove all the items from the interior and keep them in another unit. When cleaning the shelves, you may use a soft brush. Scrub the shelves with lukewarm water and a vinegar solution or soap. After cleaning them, you need to let them dry.

It is equally important to clean the exterior of your unit regularly. You should use proper cleaning products and solutions on the stainless steel exterior. It is better to avoid abrasive scrubbers. Rather, you may use a soft brush or washcloth for cleaning the surface.

2.      Check The Area By Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is an important component of your commercial refrigeration system. It is located by the evaporator fan. Its function is to absorb heat from your unit. You need to ensure the fact that the surrounding area near the coil is clear. Clean the area routinely. Take help from professional technicians who offer services, regarding fridge repairs, Melbourne. They can tell you the best tips on how to clean and maintain the system.

 3.      Clean The Condenser Coil

It is necessary to clean the condenser coil of your freezer routinely. As per the opinion of experienced technicians, it is necessary to clean the condenser coil once every three months. If it remains dirty, the cabinet temperature will rise, and it will cause other components to fail. You will find the coil near your unit’s condenser. You can use a stiff brush for removing the dirt and dust but do not try to do any experiment when cleaning it. Obey the instructions of your repairing expert.

4.      Regularly Clean Drain Pans And Tubes

Your commercial refrigerator or freezer may attract a large amount of sludge and slime that often cause your system to freeze up. Check the drain pan regularly and clean it properly, using a vinegar solution or soap.

 5.      Check Your Gasket

Gaskets are essential parts of your commercial refrigeration unit. Any crack and split may prevent the refrigerator’s door sealing properly. Replace your broken gasket quickly and lubricate the freezer door on a regular basis.

So, this is how; you will be able to take proper care of your commercial refrigeration system. I hope, you will follow all the given tips properly. For further help, you can rely upon a professional technician.

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