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August 29th, 2019 Comments

Why O. Tetricus octopus (West Australian Octopus) is considered the best tasting Octopus in the world?

Many different companies are engaged in the process of supplying octopus to the world market. Out of those companies, O. Tetricus octopus, which is also known as West Australian Octopus has received a lot of attention. Many people consider that as the best tasting octopus that they can find out there in the world. Hence, it is also important to take a look at what West Australian Octopus is and what you can get out of it.

What is West Australian Octopus?

West Australian Octopus is a company that is located near Perth. This company specializes in offering O. tetricus octopus to the people in need. In fact, O. tetricus octopus is caught sustainably from the pristine waters of Abrolhos Islands. They come along with natural tenderness. On the other hand, these unique species have earned reputation for the tender texture and superior taste. Therefore, you don’t need to think twice before you spend your money to purchase O. tetricus octopus. They can provide you with the best tasting experience at the end of the day and you will fall in love with what you can receive out of it.

West Australian Octopus has taken appropriate measures to ensure the highest level of freshness and quality in O. tetricus octopus offered. To do that, they prepare and pack octopus within a state of the art facility located in harbor’s edge. Due to the same reason, chefs from all around the world trust what is being provided to them by West Australian Octopus. They are provided with the opportunity to go ahead and prepare octopus without having any doubts or second thoughts in your mind.

How does West Australian Octopus come up with such excellent Octopus products?

Now you must be wondering how O. tetricus octopus has earned such an excellent reputation throughout the past. In fact, O. tetricus octopus is changing menus around the world. They have gone through a significant journey from fishing bait to gourmet food within a relatively short period of time. The amazing taste offered by O. tetricus octopus has contributed a lot towards this fact.

West Australian Octopus offers a specialized species of octopus called O. tetricus octopus. It can be found within the temperate waters of Western Australia. Region in between South Australian border and Shark Bay is where you can easily spot them.

O. tetricus octopus was initially discovered by former rock lobster fishermen named Craig Camilleri and Ross Camilleri. They started their business operations in small scale, but it grew significantly along with time in order to become a massive operation. The delicious octopus served by company has contributed a lot towards the above-mentioned fact.

West Australian Octopus is catching O. tetricus octopus from eight different independently owned boats. Then these octopus live in a state of the art facility production center, which is located around 400km away from Perth. This processing plant was created with a $3 million investment. During the past few years, West Australian Octopus has been able to ensure massive success as a company. In fact, they ended up as winners in the small business category within Export Awards that took place in the year 2016 and 2017.

Taste of O. tetricus octopus

O. tetricus octopus is one of the most delicious Octopus varieties that you can purchase from the market. When you try it for one time, you will get addicted to the taste. Hence, you will not come across the need to look out for another octopus product available in the market.

O. tetricus octopus provides quality and color of the flesh when it is prepared. During the preparation process, it is frozen in order to tenderize. On the other hand, the unique taste offered by O. tetricus octopus is retained during the freezing process as well. That’s why you can receive a lot of benefits after you get O. tetricus octopus.

Best thing that you can find in O. tetricus octopus is that it has the texture of giant clams. This can provide a great overall experience at the time of cooking octopus. You can even make your dishes look beautiful with O. tetricus octopus.

Flavor offered by O. tetricus octopus is quite similar to dark chicken. It is a unique and a one of a kind taste. In fact, O. tetricus octopus offers one of the tastiest varieties of octopus to the market. You will not be able to get this unique taste of O. tetricus octopus from any other octopus product available in the market.

One of the most important things to note about O. tetricus octopus is that it doesn’t provide a fishy flavor. Hence, you should keep similar expectations in your mind when you are trying to prepare a dish with O. tetricus octopus and consume it. You can also call O. tetricus octopus as similar to squid in both texture and flavor.

On top of everything, the bland and chewy texture offered by O. tetricus octopus has contributed towards its popularity. Most of the people have fallen in love with its taste. On the other hand, West Australian Octopus is a brand name that has earned the reputation of professional chefs. Therefore, you can think about purchasing O. tetricus octopus offered in the market without having any doubts or second thoughts in your mind.

Final Words

West Australian Octopus is catching around 200 tons of Octopus per year. Popularity of O. tetricus octopus is increasing in all parts of the world and the demand is increasing. Great taste offered by O. tetricus octopus has contributed a lot towards this fact. Therefore, any person who is looking for the best quality octopus for the preparation of dishes will be able to settle down with what is offered by O. tetricus octopus.

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