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September 9th, 2019 Comments

Keeping Violence out of the Workplace

Violence prevention in the workplace is no laughing matter, which is why there are companies that are out there ready to work with any business that needs assistance in creating and managing, violence prevention protocols in the workplace. Hillard Heintze is one of these companies. 

They focus on the prevention and management of violence in the workplace through the use of various upper management tactics. For businesses that plan on being as proactive as possible there are many resources such as online trainings that can be taken by employees and business owners; thereby educating all in what qualifies as workplace violence, and what to do when violence occurs in the workplace.

Preventing and Handling Violence in the Workplace

Working with employers in the private and public sectors, Hillard Heintze provides many services, one of which is violence prevention in the workplace. Hillard Heintze has a talented staff that works with a business creating a safe work environment, increasing staff confidence of their safety at work, reduced liability if workplace violence does occur, and minimizing the risk of workplace violence from occurring at all. 

How they do this is by first assessing a business as is in terms of current policies and procedures in place addressing workplace violence, identifying gap areas in policies and procedures that could potentially lead to workplace violence, and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of departments necessary for addressing workplace violence (Hillard Heintze, 2019). 

When the staff members at Hillard Heintze have an understanding of your business's starting point, only then can they effectively be able to help in creating and implementing a violence prevention program for your business improving current workplace violence prevention procedures and policies, covering the gap areas such as coworker fraternization that could potentially lead to workplace violence, and addressing weaknesses in the human resource, operations, security, and legal departments which all address violence in the workplace.

After the initial assessment of a business, Hillard Heintze successfully assists the businesses they work with by implementing a system that guarantees the minimization, if not elimination, of workplace violence. 

By first assessing a business the staff at Hillard Heintze can create a specialized workplace prevention program designed specifically for your business based on the results of the initial assessment. 

This violence prevention program does include the formation of a threat assessment team within the business that is composed of staff familiar who are knowledgeable of the HR, legal, security, and operations departments. The primary function of this team is to use their expertise to work together assessing, monitoring, and addressing behavioral risks that could, in turn, lead to workplace violence. 

It may not seem necessary to have a threat assessment team for some businesses; however, by creating this team the staff on the team will have workplace violence training provided by Hillard Heintze making them more qualified to manage violence in the workplace than four separate departments (Hillard Heintze, 2019).

WorkPlace Violence Online Trainings

As of now, there are no specific OSHA standards for handling violence in the workplace, but there are laws in place that all businesses must follow to safeguard their employees from violence in the workplace. 

By law, it is a business owner’s responsibility to provide a safe work environment protecting employees from preventable hazards that can cause physical harm, or an employee's death (Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 2019). 

Before an employer can ensure their employees' safety, they themselves must understand what qualifies as workplace violence, how to manage it, and how to prevent it from happening. For an employer to educate themselves there are a lot of resources, such as online workplace violence training that covers the definition, types, risk factors, consequences, and prevention protocols for workplace violence (The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, 2018). 

These trainings are not limited to employers as they can be viewed by employees at the request of an employer to assist in having all employees have the same understanding of what workplace violence is, and how to handle it if they see, or are the victim of workplace violence. 

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