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September 13th, 2019 Comments

How Businesses Can Reap The Benefits Of A Fuel Management System

Fleet management systems are useful for the organization and tracking of a company’s fleets. They aren’t just useful, they can be considered integral if a company has thousands of vehicles in their fleet. Here are some reasons you probably should not manage your fleets manually:

  1. It is close to impossible to regulate fuel costs because there is no telling who might have skipped out on logging in, or who might have taken the vehicle on a detour.
  2. There are problems reaching the driver when you do not know where he is
  3. There are multiple problems with insurance if a disaster occurs.

These are just a few of the many issues you might run into if you don’t have a fleet management system.  A fleet fuel management system by Chevin Fleet Solutions not only takes away the chances of ever running into problems like these, it also offers the luxury of the most efficient organizational tool you can keep in your pocket. What you get is a software that automates various integral parts of your company, making your job that much easier. Here are only a few reasons that you should definitely invest in a fuel management system.

1.      Reducing fuel costs

One of the best features of the fleet fuel management system is its fuel management system. Without this system, you need to rely on the credibility of your driver to ensure that he logs in accurately. There are times when your drivers will want to slack off, or ask for more petrol money for long distance deliveries, when in fact they are simply not telling you the truth.

To remove the risk and the inconvenience of individual credibility and reliance, the fleet management system features being able to monitor the fuel consumption. This means you have the exact costs of the petrol required and you can find ways to economize and reduce costs. This is perhaps the sole reason some people tend to buy this software, but its advantages certainly does not stop there.

2.      Real time tracking and supervision

A fleet tracking system gives you the advantage of being able to keep a track of all your vehicles in real time! Not only that, you can find out where the driver is, in terms of delivering the product to the customer, and consequently, whether the customer has received it or not. Basically, you can now see if your driver is working to finish their quotas or are simply idling around or wandering off with the vehicle. You can keep track of a driver’s quota as well.

The software has features that inform you on which of your vehicles are on the road and which ones are still in the garage, which helps you track delivery time more accurately as well. This gives you the tools you require to improve quality of service and customer satisfaction.

3.      Saves time

It is a no-brainer that you will be able to save a ton of time using a fleet management system. Given that you can track whichever driver and see the exact distances, not only does delivery time, or time the vehicle spends outside get shorter, but the amount of time spent sorting out the vehicles and calculating the fuel consumption is reduced as well. Consider routine services that can schedule information which is accessible anytime anywhere. Your only job is to enter the required data into the fleet system and it will present you with a schedule.

So both you and your staff can have time cut down on making reports. You can leave it up to the system to take care of the reports that you require, which frees up more time for your staff to do other things to help grow the company.

4.      Better management

You are going to want to keep the customers happy by being punctual. After all, customer satisfaction is the number one priority of a delivery company. However, the optimal level of customer satisfaction cannot be achieved if you still rely on manually managing your fleet. This is because people can sometimes forget to log in an entry, especially if there are many deliveries, or if multiple stops were required to keep the fuel tank full and running.

Another inconvenience is where the fleet scheduling starts. Late arrivals at the office can delay delivery of the product to the customer just because they weren’t there to set the work schedules and reporting. So instead of relying on the staff in charge of the work schedules, a fleet management system sends the driver an automatic schedule which helps them start work on time.

5.      Driver management

The very core of the fleet is the drivers, which mean you need good drivers to have good fleet operation. This is a crucial bit of information a lot of people forget entirely. A fleet management system, along with the many other convenient organizational benefits, also helps you create and update a driver’s profile by finding out their average driving speed, the routes they take and the nature of their driving skills. This data can be important in improving your drivers’ performance by giving them reports on their driving.

In conclusion

The cost of investing in a system like this is negligible in the face on how much it will save you on costs, time and energy. It is an amazing piece of technology that can improve your business in a matter of a couple of days. Whether you have a small fleet or a big fleet, you can be sure to rely on this software to be able organize any fleet and tackle any issue. There are features that allow you to see reports in colorful and helpful graphs, which makes it easier to present while pitching new ideas on what to do with your fleet.

This technology does everything you could ask for, and more than you could possibly expect out of it. Consider investing in it to help your business’ organizational integrity.

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