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October 14th, 2019 Comments

How Many Types of PTO Are There?

We all are familiar with a PTO which is also known as a power take-off which are methods used to initiate power in an engine or other equipment. It is used to take power from a source so it can be used to power an electric device. It is a very important technique that is used to power an electric source and it can be done in more than one way. There are many different types of PTO methods that are used popularly used to give power to an electrical device. In this article, the different types of PTO are discussed.


Engine PTO

Engine PTO is a very popular type of power take-off method. It uses an engine to take-off power. It is generally used in permanent mode and it offers a high torque delivery capacity. It is very popular for its high use among the people. It has a high torque capacity in both stationary and moving vehicles. It is very ideal to give power to an engine. It is widely used for powering up vehicles in case of emergencies.


Gearbox PTO

Gearbox PTO is ideal when it is required to use mid or low torque. In this type of power take-off, the gearbox is used to provide power to the engine of the car so it could start. It is very popularly used for cars that require mid or low torque. It can be a little tricky to use this type of PTO but it is very effective.


Transfer box PTO

Transfer box PTO can be used for cars that require high torque to start. It is a popular PTO method for stationaries and cars that requires high torque to get started. PTO methods are very useful for cars and stationaries in an emergency situation to jump-start a car. In this method of PTO, the power is started with the help of the transfer box. This is a very complicated type of PTO that is difficult to master but the end results are truly effective.



It is one of the simplest forms of PTO and it was discovered very early. In this form of PTO, the transmission is directly connected. It is only working when the clutch is released and it is a very widely used form of PTO. It is possible to do PTO wirelessly through WPT equipment. The wireless WPT equipment makes it easy to ignite the power to generate a power source to start the stationary without the hassles of any kind of wire. It is a very reliable form of PTO system that is used by various technicians.



It is also known as a two-stage clutch. It works with the help of the two-stage clutch when the clutch is pressed halfway for the ignition of power. If the clutch is pressed fully it will cut the transmission and due to this, the operator gets a chance to take time and shift gears. It is a very popular form of PTO. It is used widely in many urgent cases when the vehicles need to be started soon.



An independent PTO means that the PTO is ignited by a separate clutch. With a live PTO, it allows to fully control the PTO with the independent clutch. There are mainly two prime types of PTO which are hydraulic and mechanical. A hydraulic PTO has only a single selector while a mechanical PTO has two selectors. A mechanical PTO has an on-off selector and it also has a PTO control selector. It is one of the easiest to use PTO.

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