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November 5th, 2019 Comments

The Top Seven Non-Clinical Jobs of Healthcare Field

The medical industry pivots around caring for sick people, but you cannot just depend on doctors and nurses to let that happen. Incredible support from experts, who coordinate therapeutic efforts, perform directorial tasks, implement technological trends, etc., is also mandatory. Well, mentioned below are few essential non-clinical occupations, which play a significant role in its smooth operation. Please check them out right now.

1.      Human Service Assistant

Human service assistants collaborate with patients so that they can arrange facilities they need seamlessly. Their responsibilities vary in accordance with the demography they serve. For example, a human service assistant, who concentrates on elderly, books transportation, navigates medical aid, set up food delivery, etc.

2.      Patient Advocate

It is natural to feel overwhelmed when one is in a hospital and diagnosed with complicated issues. Patient advocates contribute to a person’s peace of mind by explaining medical terminologies and conveying his or her doubts to doctors. Do you have a big heart? If yes, you will find this career extremely fulfilling.

3.      Corporate Wellness Planner

Corporate wellness planner works right at the intersection of the medical industry and a typical business. They bring different kinds of wellness programmes to companies so that employees working there have excellent wellbeing, which in turn escalates yield. Pursue this career if you have profound knowledge about nutrition and fitness, and wishes to pass it over to others.

4.      Medical Transcriptionist

Renowned professionals carrying out medical transcription in Australia or any other location for that matter said they stay behind the scenes always. This particular job is great if you can listen attentively, and track documentation without any hassle. Taking notes has immense importance because they allow physicians to remember what a procedure entails.

5.      Health Information Technician

Technology is modifying the way the medical industry works. Already several hospitals have electronic health records (EHRs), which is a systematic collection of patient information. Health Information Technicians make sure that EHRs are absolutely accurate and safe. Just like transcriptionists, they are also expected to comply with privacy policies.

6.      Rehabilitation Counsellor

This non-clinical job is on high demand. Apart from a decent initial salary, it escalates earning potential, which you enjoy over the prolonged course of your career. Rehabilitation counsellors help people suffering from social, personal, and vocational challenges. They also cure congenital disabilities and allow one to recover from trauma inflicted by a life-threatening accident, perhaps.

7.      Informatics Attendant

To become an informatics attendant, you must have a strong grasp over information technology (IT). Remember, this job opens a wide range of opportunities in front of you. Informatics attendants or nurses must be capable of not only handling IT processes in a clinic but also teach other professionals out there how to execute them throughout their everyday rotations.

The aforementioned occupations prove you can make a difference even by not working for patient care directly. Now if an individual wishes to earn substantial amounts of money, have a stable career in the medical industry, but never cut anybody open, he or she can also become a healthcare administrator.

Duties include planning budget, fabricating departmental objectives, representing at meetings, bridging the gap between trustees and other staff, etc.

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