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December 11th, 2019 Comments

Mark Roemer Looks at Reasons Why Someone Does Not Text Back


Positive feelings are the last thing that’s evoked when your best friend, significant other or someone you really care about doesn’t reply back to you. From teens to adults, no one is unfamiliar with that feeling. Weird thoughts start clouding our judgments, raise our anxiety, and make us feel unworthy or evoke anger, all of which can lead to stupid follow up decisions. Mark Roemer believes that misunderstandings are bound to happen when emojis and memes are communicating our thoughts most of the time instead of direct means of communication.

The Reasons

Here are some of the reasons why someone doesn’t text you back:

1. Workload - You just finished up all your day’s work and planned on a romantic date or hanging out with your friends. But emergency assignments and office meetups wait for none. Getting swamped with work is nothing new and maybe the same thing is happening with the person on the other end.

2. Broken Phone - Smartphones are smart as long as they don’t encounter a bug or face hardware failure. It can be anything from getting your contacts wiped out to a dead battery or a broken screen. If someone just bought a new android phone, getting the new device synced up can take a while.

3. Distracted or Just Lazy - You shouldn’t take every response or a lack of it as a personal attack. People, even those who are emotionally charged tend to just space out on a few messages. Their phone may be silent or they are just watching a really good movie with some special brownies on their plate while the phone keeps flashing on the couch.

4. Maybe you should reign in the text count - Let us just take deep breaths and figure out if you’re texting over and over about the same topic. Check out the number of messages you sent on similar topics and if reaches the hundreds within a few days, maybe you were coming off as a bit domineering.

5. They are figuring out their thoughts - When texts are exchanged between partners or significant others, some answers need more thought behind them. The other person may be coming up with a well thought out reply. You need to give the other person some space and let them take their time.

6. Drama in Real Life - So, your friend has been canceling plans over the weekend and finally stopped replying to your texts. It isn’t out of the realm of possibility that they may be going through a difficult time in their life and going through a tough phase. You have to remind yourself to prevent being self-centered and think about their position.


Mark Roemer suggests that you shouldn’t let your anxiety kick in or let your thoughts wander off in the wrong direction when someone doesn’t reply to you. It may be due to multiple reasons. Clear up any confusion through a phone call, when you meet them directly, or any other form of direct communication.

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