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January 12th, 2020 Comments

Tips On How to Get Rid Of Mould Naturally

During summer and rainy, dampness is a problem that persists in most household. You cannot avoid it especially in areas where sunlight is not enough and the result is growth of mould. The place where fungi develop looks yucky, and that is not the only bad fact about it! It affects your health too.

It’s natural that when there is such situation you must be thinking about how to get rid of mould naturally? Yes, it is better to think of some natural way because when you use harsh chemicals from market to remove mould, it can leave bad odor and is also harmful for the family members. Thus, it is always better to think of some natural way so that you can remove mould by using household items that are present in your home.

Removing mould with naturally

  • Vinegar is a good agent for killing mould in your home. In order to remove the pungent smell you can dilute it in water, but when sprayed directly into the affected area, the results will be visible soon. After spraying it you must leave it for few hours and then use a brush to clean the area, and it’s gone. You don’t have to worry about how to get rid of mould naturally.
  • Tea tree solution is another product that is great for removing mould. It may be expensive compared to other natural ingredients but using only two teaspoon will give you good results. Take two teaspoon of tea tree oil and mix it with two cups of water. By using a sprayer spray the solution into the mould affected areas. The area will clean soon. Tea tree oil has odor that may not be liked by you, but it goes within few days.
  • Citrus seed extract is another natural ingredient that is for those people who do not like the pungent odor of vinegar and tea tree oil. Here also you need to dilute 20 drops of citrus seed extract with two cups of water. After pouring the solution in a bottle you can spray it to the affected place. The results will be visible soon. Do not rinse after spraying the solution.
  • Baking Soda is another ingredient that is available in most kitchens and it can be used for getting rid of mould. You may use it with the vinegar solution to make it stronger or can be used alone. You have to dissolve some baking soda into water and then spray the solution on the areas where there is mould. After it sits downs you have to scrap it and rub it clean. It is actually very mild thus there will be no odor after you clean the mould with it.

Other ways to remove mould

It is said that prevention is better than cure, thus you must take step that mould does not develops at the first place. For this use a dehumidifier in your home. Apart from that there is another natural ingredient that will be helpful. It’s Zeolite which is produced from volcanic ash. When you put the zeolite packets in areas where mould can develop it prevents such development.

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