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January 21st, 2020 Comments

Important Things to Ask When Selling Your Gold

So, you figure you get some extra cash for the gold jewellery you don’t wear anymore, but before you do, it will help you lot to ask some questions before you settle on a gold buyer to sell gold jewellery to. Remember that gold is a commodity whose value fluctuates all the time. You might not see a return on the brand name that's on your jewellery but there is a way to return to be had on the precious yellow metal.

Knowing what to ask will help you find the right buyer who will give you a fair and honest price for your gold jewellery.

Here are some questions you should ask the gold buyer you are considering to sell gold jewellery Brisbane:

How long have you been in business?

Lots of people took advantage of the gold industry when the price of gold started skyrocketing. It has become one of the easiest business to get into which is why you will find gold buyers in the most unlikely places. Gold buyers have been popping up everywhere, you could find one in a little pop-up kiosk at the mall or just happen to come across a hairdresser that dabbles in some gold. These are people who are looking to make a quick buck and then leave. You want to sell your gold to an established business with experience of buying precious metals otherwise you risk getting a bad price for your valuable jewellery.

Are there any customer reviews of testimonials?

The best way to know what kind of service you can expect from a gold buyer is to learn from the experience of previous customers. Check Google or Yelp reviews and go through testimonials on their website to find out what other customers have experienced. There are also consumed review sites that post reviews on business, those are also worth checking out.

How is the gold tested?

A good gold buyer will weigh and test your gold before giving you a price. Anyone who simply gives you a price just by looking at your gold jewellery is not to be trusted. You won’t know if you are getting a better deal or not if you don’t know what the price is based on.

What about diamonds? Will their value be included in the final price?

Diamonds could add value but for most gold buyers, they only do if they are big. Diamonds that are less than .20 carat DL not add any value because they are common, mass-produced diamonds. Gemstones like emeralds and rubies on the other hand are a different matter.

Different gold buyers buy gold for different reasons. Some resell the gold jewellery that is in condition, others are simply just interested in the gold and not so much in what the gold jewellery looks like, how it was made, who made it and what other stones it may have. In the case of the latter, it would be wise to remove the diamonds or gemstones before you sell your gold.

Is there any information you should provide when selling gold jewellery?

Gold buyers are required by law to ask for a government ID. They may ask you to sign a document stating that the items you are selling actually belong to you. This is important to curb against the sale of stolen items.

These questions will help you find a reputable buyer to sell your gold to. Always check the spot price to know the best time to sell gold jewellery Brisbane.

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