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February 18th, 2020 Comments

smart hands

To help you understand more about Global Smart Hands and how Field Engineer can help you out, we’re going to outline all of the important information below. Read on now to find out more.

What is Global Smart Hands?
Global Smart Hands is a service that is in place to help improve how you deal with things like OEM Hardware Deployment. The engineers carrying out this work on your company's behalf can offer a wide range of on-site services, allowing you to get the work done efficiently while you focus on core operations that require your attention. You won’t have to worry about those services because they’ll be taken care of for you.

Smart Hands engineers can also offer you remote assistance to level 2 and 3 engineers regarding things like testing and troubleshooting. The experts carrying out the work for you are trained and qualified to help you out when you need it most. You’ll have access to professional work anywhere in the world, helping you to extend your reach and fulfill tasks that possibly wouldn’t have been possible previously for your business.

smart hands

You can’t always get the support you need in certain locations, and it’s rarely cost effective to send your own staff to certain locations when work needs to be completed. That’s why Global Smart Hands is so valuable and important to small businesses. This solution is both logistically sound, cost effective and functional for businesses and remote engineers alike. Their services can be used around the world, at any time necessary.

Remote hands services, on the other hand, don’t require on-site technicians to be present. The technical support team handles any issues from the data center. They handle simple tasks such as reporting indicators in the system, monitoring and checking port numbers, rebooting of servers among others that can be handled from the data center without having to go on-site.

Services offered
Smart hands services are offered on-site as compared to remote hands services which are carried out from the data center. Locate smart hands service providers that are within your locality. This helps in handling emergencies that arise very fast. It saves on time and any extra costs that might be incurred in cases of equipment failure. It also helps you serve your clients better when issues can be fixed as soon as they arise.

Remote hands services being carried out from the data center might not be effective in situations where on-site technicians are required to fix the equipment.

Equipment handling
Smart hands services involve direct handling of equipment. A technician needs to be present in order to address any issues such as configuration and setup of the equipment. A technician comes into contact with the equipment in question, finds out the problem and fixes it.

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