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February 22nd, 2020 Comments

Good News: Now Pre-Register For The Next Mobile Final Fantasy

  Good news, the next mobile Final Fantasy game from the developer Square Enix now is up for pre-registration on Google Play.

  Part of the Brave Exvius series, War Of The Visions, in fact, is a tactical turn-based RPG (Role-Playing Game). This gameplay seems like it takes a little bit after Final Fantasy Tactic but with updated visuals.

  War of the Visions will have a totally unique storyline but it will also incorporate characters that are part of previous and current Final Fantasy games. For instance, Y'shtola, a quite popular character from Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers, if the fifth pre-registration milestone is reached, then this amazing character will be given to players as a reward for use in-game.

  War Of The Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius will release in this Spring on Mobile Equipment

  Apparently, this is a quite long title. However, that is not the important part. The important part is that this mobile Final Fantasy game will be releasing on Android this Spring.

  This pre-registration site has the general time frame listed, however, it does not state any specific month or day. Therefore, all that's obvious right now is that it could release sometime in March, April, or May. Which is, I have to admit, pretty large window.

  And of course, your best bet for knowing precisely when the game is available for download is to pre-register. In addition, if you do so then that means you will get every reward that Square Enix gives out for each milestone.

  And there are six milestones to hit, and each one with a much better reward

  Just as we have discussed above, altogether there are six different milestones. One for each amount of players that sign up for pre-registration.

  The very first one only requires 50,000 users and the reward is 250 visiore (the game's currency) as well as 20 Final Fantasy XIV Gil Snapper. And the second milestone is 100,000 users with a reward of 250 visiore and 5 NRG restore potions.

  And when it comes to the third milestone, that usually gets a little exciting because the reward is another 250 visiore, in addition to a usable weapon. The sword Excalibur. The fourth milestone and the fifth milestone come with the same amount of visiore as the others but also throw in extra quite special goodies, including a Siren vision card, and the Y'shtola character unit respectively.

  And once you reach the sixth milestone, that means, everyone who pre-registered gets 1,000 visiore. Across all the milestones that equals up to a nice amount of this game's currency right from the beginning. All for basically just doing nothing.

  And since the original Brave Exvius was a free Final Fantasy game it's probable that this one will be free as well. Though there is always the opportunity that it could be a premium game since Square Enix has launched plenty of those on Android.

  Here is all you need to know about Pre-Register For The Next Mobile Final Fantasy. For more tips like purchasing FFXIV Gil as much as possible, and the best website to get massive FFXIV Gil, you can click here.


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