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February 24th, 2020 Comments

SD-WAN Vendors Deployment

Businesses are increasingly turning to SD-WAN to improve their user experience, reduce costs and optimize connectivity to many cloud platforms from various branches and divisions.

To date, more than lakhs customers have been choosing Secure SD-WAN; many of them have chosen to deploy the solution directly in the branches to accelerate the implementation of cloud technologies and increase the convenience of working with business applications. For enterprises deploying Cloud First, or a hybrid multi-cloud strategy using multiple open clouds for faster connectivity from WAN boundaries, 

Connecting Secure SD-WAN to Network Edge enables Equinix to provide enterprise customers with a cloud-based solution in a variety of open clouds with full-featured SD-WAN, scalable from medium to large distributed enterprises. Thanks to this, corporate customers will be able to solve problems associated with delays in accessing multi-cloud applications and optimize their cloud connections without compromising security. It also extends Secure SD-WAN by adding the colocation option, which is available through a hardware device, as an NFV for on-premises deployment, and also as a virtual device for all major cloud providers. Secure SD-WAN delivers faster throughput for workloads

With next-generation firewall integration, Secure SD-WAN, now available through Edgeix Network Edge, not only enables organizations to accelerate cloud connectivity through public clouds and SaaS applications, but also provides enduring security. Simplified operations with centralized management and analytics enable corporate customers to initialize a zero-touch system for faster deployment. A flexible licensing model based on the bring-your-own-license approach or subscription-based pay-as-you-go allows customers to choose a licensing model that best suits their needs.


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