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April 1st, 2020 Comments

Space Saving Furniture Ideas

With increasing land prices, maximizing the square footage in your home has become a must. The main question is, how can you place all your necessary furniture in your home and avoid overcrowding? Well, to efficiently utilize your space, you can buy space saving, multi-purpose furniture.

Thanks to modern innovations and pieces of furniture with dual function, you do not have to compromise on style any more. With the timeless and modern ideas given below, de-clutter your space and your life.

1.    Drop leaf and extension tables

Getting a drop leaf and extension table is like killing two birds with one stone. You can have a large dining table to eat on when you have several guests over. You could also fold it up into a smaller one when it is just you. Most extension tables come with built-in leaves so you do not have to buy extra pieces.

Additionally, the modern designs of these tables give you more space to prep in case you are short on counter space.

2.    Lightweight and stackable chairs

With stackable chairs, convenience is key. You can carry and move them on your own owing to their light weight. They can easily be stored when not in use and vice versa.

3.    Sleeper sofas

A bed and a sofa in a single piece of furniture is the best of both worlds. A sleeper sofa combines the comfort of a bed and the visual appeal of modern sofas into one. Falling in a range of prices, it is a worthwhile and comfortable investment to make. The dual function minimizes the space they take. Furthermore, a sleeper sofa is ideal to have for overnight guests.

4.    Ottomans and storage benches

The prime example of space saving furniture is your ottoman. It functions as a seating spot, a foot rest, and conceals small items. It is easily movable and comes in a variety of designs and colors. It can, therefore, perfectly complement the color scheme of your room.

5.    Ledges and shelves

If you do not have ample floor space for shelves, you can always build them in open walls. Modern day ledges and shelves allow you to store items and display various artwork and photos. You can even have a bookshelf along the stairs.

6.    Under-stairs storage

For optimal functionality, you could make use of areas that are otherwise neglected in your home. Under-stair storage can act as a small room to keep items that you do not use daily. Stair drawers are commonly used to store shoes and socks for convenience.

By taking a minimalistic approach to decorating your spacious house or modest apartment, you can prevent overcrowding. Space saving furniture allows you to maximize the potential of square footage. The various modern designs in furniture on the other hand, are only an added bonus. They are efficient and visually appealing. Nevertheless, they lie in different price ranges and are a value addition to your home.

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