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May 5th, 2020 Comments

The importance of smart lighting for buildings

For owners and managers, reducing operating costs is a central goal, but finding ways to cut expenses can be difficult. Smart lighting can help by automatically adjusting energy and increasing profits in unexpected ways.

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Lighting equipment can be connected to the HVAC system so that the entire building (or a group of buildings) operates at optimal efficiency during the day and night. Smart lighting can also help improve indoor air quality, enhance facility safety, and even integrate with conference room scheduling systems.

Smart lighting uses energy-saving LED bulbs and embedded sensors to detect ambient temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide levels. They knew whether the room was full, only a few people were still empty.

The information collected by building sensors can be processed in the cloud, allowing building owners to slice and dice it in any way they choose. Dashboards can display information, as detailed as burnt out light bulbs, and can also display general information about the most effective heating and air conditioning units throughout the campus.

Factory managers are always looking for ways to increase revenue and save money. Intelligent lighting with integrated sensors can help them do both. These lights can monitor plant conditions to increase production, improve quality control and reduce operating costs.

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Consider how GE uses lighting to reduce downtime. GE and Intel are installing LED lights with embedded sensors in a plant operated by GE power in Greenville, South Carolina. These lights will measure the temperature near the turbine mounting frame, at which temperature it is critical that the parts heat and cool at a uniform rate. By using intelligent lighting to track temperature, the factory hopes to discover potential defects, thereby avoiding rework and avoiding weeks of downtime.

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