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May 7th, 2020 Comments

What Are Contingent Workers?

In practical terms, a “contingent worker” would be any worker who is hired just for a specific job or task (a “contingent” piece of work) or time period, and who is paid just for this but does not get any benefits and is not considered to be a regular employee of the organization. Contingent work is any work that is handled in this manner, including contractual work, short projects, etc. Typically contingent workers are either part-time or temporary or both.

Contingent workers include groups like freelancers, consultants, temps, and other independent contractors.

Contingent work has been a part of the labor force for decades, but it’s becoming much more commonplace now. The recent recession prompted many individuals who were previously full-time employees to explore the idea of becoming independent contractors instead of relying solely on one employer for their income. This situation has continued in the years since the recession, and the contingent workforce continues to grow.

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