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May 18th, 2020 Comments

Which IT certifications will increase my salary?

Earning a highly sought-after certification, such as a security–focused cert, could make your skills more valuable to an employer or open the door for new opportunities. For example, if you’ve earned your Cisco CCNET cert and are looking to increase your salary, you may want to consider Cisco CCNA Security as your next step. For more security certs that will boost your salary, check out this blog.

What IT certifications do I need for Government jobs?

To get IT training for Government jobs, the training needs to be compliant with requirements from the Department of Defense (DoD). The set of requirements created by the DoD is known as Information Assurance Workforce Improvement program which is an umbrella term for two separate categories called Information Assurance Technical (IAT) and Information Assurance Management (IAM). The IAT and IAM are guidelines for the training, certification, and management of all government employees. Check out this list of DoDD–approved 8140 (also known as DoDD 8570) baseline certifications.

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Do IT certifications expire?

Expirations on certifications depend on the vendor. Many vendors such as VMware and Microsoft are adjusting to make certifications good for life, while some expire after just two years of getting certified. For example, your Cisco CCIE certification expires after two years and requires you to re-certify in order to keep an active CCIE status.

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