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May 19th, 2020 Comments

Contingent Workforce Management

You can think of a contingent workforce as your secret weapon. A second line of defense, or your bench that’s eager to be put in the game. Contingent, on demand workers allow you to access (and pay) for skilled digital work only when you need them, and build out a project-based team quickly and easily to work alongside your regular employees.

The approach is becoming more widely accepted - and needed. With the so-called “gig economy,” consultants and freelancers are being used much more frequently. But an on demand, contingent workforce take the concept of outsourcing work a step further.

Contingent workers are groups of for-hire virtual assistants who are prescribed very specific sets of actions, and the methods your company uses to execute them. When you can save time and money on staffing solutions to ensure your workflows are completed, even when you have gaps in your staffing capacity, then your business, and your knowledge workers win.

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