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May 21st, 2020 Comments

5G Technology Drawbacks and Dangers

Much like the inherent advantages of 5G, many of the obvious drawbacks also stem from the shift to higher frequencies and the behavior of radio signals in the millimeter wave. Shorter range and increased susceptibility to obstructions are the most obvious disadvantages in this category.

In addition to obstructions like buildings and trees, high frequencies are also more susceptible to humidity and rain, so the already-limited range is further challenged by suboptimal weather conditions. If more antennas are the obvious solution to limited range, the aesthetic and environmental issues related to this propagation become another potential concern.

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Other 5G technology drawbacks relate to cost. The antenna arrays are just one aspect of the deployment costs. These arrays require maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting proportional to the larger volume of hardware. Although the millimeter wave antennas for devices have already been developed, their complexity may render economies of scale ineffective in driving down prices which in turn are passed on to consumers in increased phone cost.

The concepts of beams and smaller cell size in 5G breaks down the fundamental unit of coverage into much smaller parcels than in older technologies. These have interactions and need to be configured and optimized to support coverage whilst maintaining capacity while also supporting mobility in appropriate scenarios.

The planning, deployment, management, operation, and optimization of a more flexible network architecture on virtualized infrastructure challenges operators in new ways and require new expertise.

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