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May 21st, 2020 Comments

The Best Mattress Toppers on the Market Reviews: May 2020

As simple as a mattress topper may be— only a thick piece of foam placed on top of your regular mattress— it can seriously improve your sleeping experience. A good mattress topper will give your body greater support and protection as you sleep so that you will wake up feeling considerably more rested and relaxed.

In this best mattress topper review, our testers have experimented with a number of the best mattress topper brands WpdGIxQ.gif in order to find the best ones on the market.

eLuxury Rayon from Bamboo Extra Thick Mattress Pad

If you’re looking for maximum comfort and luxury, the eLuxury Rayon from Bamboo mattress pad will fit the bill pretty well.

The biggest praise that our testers have got for this mattress topper is the extra plush bamboo blend, which gives it a very soft, cushy feel. Unlike toppers that are made from synthetic materials like latex, the bamboo blend that this topper is weaved from is naturally breathable and offers great ventilation in the hotter days of summer. This highest rated mattress topper will also do an excellent job at retaining body heat during the colder months, as well.


Additionally, the bamboo material is environmentally friendly.

The pad is filled with Revoloft fiber to give it a fluffier feel to it. The filling will be especially handy if you have a firm mattress that you would like to soften down. Rather than buying a new mattress entirely, all you have to do is placing this isUCTij.gifhighest rated mattress topper on top.

Our testers agreed that the topper would work well with all sleeping positions. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers all reported having a great time sleeping on the eLuxury topper.

The fabric is hypoallergenic, so if you are sensitive to dust this is the recommended mattress topper to get. However, keep in mind that even the best hypoallergenic toppers can’t give a 100% guarantee that it won’t trigger your allergy, but they are your best shot at having a good night’s sleep.

All popular bed sizes are available, including: Full, Full XL, Twin, Twin XL, Queen, Olympic Queen, King, California King, Split King.

Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Gel Mattress Topper

The Sleep Innovations 4-inch Dual Layer Gel mattress topper is going to be the perfect buy for people who need medium firmness and better body support. On top is a layer of soft plush to improve overall comfort along with relieving body aches and pain.

Beneath the fiberfill top layer is a memory foam layer about two inches thick. The memory foam does not just provide greater comfort, it also helps to relieve stress from your body’s pressure points and keep your spine in alignment.


Infused inside of the topper is a smidgen of cooling gel. The gel helps ventilate your body heat and keeps your body temperature regulated all through the night.

The thing about this topper that our testers love best is the solid construction that this topper’s got. The average topper only either has one layer (which, while an upgrade from the bare mattress, is still relatively uncomfortable as if sleeping on top of a thick block of foam) or has double layers that merely sit on top of the foam, making the sleeping surface weirdly unstable.

The dual layers of the Sleep Innovations’ topper are secured firmly against one another with elastic edges, making it pleasurably stable. We found the fiberfill top to only have a single stitch and this can be a durability concern. If the stitch was to come undone, the fiberfill can fall out and make the topper far less comfortable. Nonetheless, most customers reported pretty great mileage with the topper, so this is merely a concern and not really a threat to the overall quality of this best topper for bed.

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We hope that you have found a good mattress topper to get the next time you go shopping in this article. If you still haven’t decided, we still got more reviews for mattress toppers for you to go through at your own pace.

Happy shopping!

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