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May 26th, 2020 Comments

Data Scientist roles and responsibilities

Data Scientist roles and responsibilities include identifying business trends and changes through advanced Big Data Analytics and using a variety of techniques to interpret results from multiple data sources through statistical analysis, data aggregation, and data mining. This is a very important role, and most companies expect some or all of the following Data Scientist skills in candidates before hiring them.

  • A natural inclination toward solving complex problems
  • Knowledge/experience on/with statistical programming languages, including R, Python, SLQ, etc., to process data and gain insights from it
  • Experience using and developing data architectures
  • Knowledge of Machine Learning techniques, including decision tree learning, clustering, artificial neural networks, etc., and their pros and cons
  • Knowledge and application experience in advanced statistical techniques and concepts, including, regression, distribution properties, statistical testing, etc.
  • Good communication skills to promote cross-team collaboration
  • Impulse to learn and master new technologies
  • Multilingual coding knowledge/experience: Java, JavaScript, C, C++, etc.
  • Experience/knowledge in statistics and data mining techniques, including, random forest, GLM/regression, social network analysis, text mining, etc.
  • Experience with major web services, including S3, Spark, Redshift, etc.
  • Experience/knowledge in distributed data and computing tools, including, MapReduce, MySQL, Hadoop, Spark, Hive, etc.
  • Ability to use data visualization tools to showcase data for stakeholders using D3, ggplot, Periscope, and more

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