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May 31st, 2020 Comments


Amazon Web Services certifications can open the door to many high-paying, up-and-coming careers in IT. But, once you’ve passed your AWS certification exams, exactly which AWS jobs are you qualified for? There is a wide range of job opportunities available to people with AWS expertise. Let’s look at some of them.

1. Operational Support Engineer
An Operational Support Engineer is responsible for monitoring and bringing to resolution any operational issues reported with a company’s tooling. They also assist with environment upgrades.

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Average yearly salary: $59,000-$92,000

2. Cloud Software Engineer
Cloud Software Engineers program in Python, C++, JavaScript, or Ruby (among others), designing and implementing new software services and systems. Engineers also have to explain complex processes (often to non-technical stakeholders) and mentor junior employees.

Average yearly salary: $63,000 - $93,000

3. System Integrator — Cloud
System Integrators work as part of a team that supports complex deployment and troubleshooting efforts. This job requires a deep understanding of cloud computing and information systems.

Average yearly salary: $81,000

4. Cloud Developer
Cloud Developers develop software services and enterprise-level applications. Generally, previous experience working as a software developer and a working knowledge of the most common cloud orchestration tools is required to get and succeed at a Developer job.

Average yearly salary: $95,000

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