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June 4th, 2020 Comments

IoT Device Vulnerabilities

The variety and range of functions of smart devices present countless ways of improving different industries and environments. While the “things” in the internet of things (IoT) benefit homes, factories, and cities, these devices can also introduce blind spots and security risks in the form of vulnerabilities.

Vulnerable smart devices open networks to attack and can weaken the overall security of the internet. For now, it is better to be cautious and understand that “smart” can also mean vulnerable to threats.

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Why are IoT devices vulnerable?
IoT devices are vulnerable largely because these devices lack the necessary built-in security to counter threats. Aside from the technical aspects, users also contribute to the devices’ vulnerability to threats. Here are some of the reasons these smart devices remain vulnerable:

Limited computational abilities and hardware limitations. These devices have specific functions that warrant only limited computational abilities, leaving little room for robust security mechanisms and data protection.
Heterogeneous transmission technology. Devices often use a variety of transmission technology. This can make it difficult to establish standard protection methods and protocols.

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