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June 16th, 2020 Comments

Advantages of Networking students

Networks provide a very rapid method for sharing and transferring files.
Without a network, files are shared by copying them to floppy disks, then
carrying or sending the disks from one computer to another. This method of
transferring files in this manner is very time-consuming.

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The network version of most software programs are available at considerable
savings when compared to buying individually licensed copies. Besides
monetary savings, sharing a program on a network allows for easier upgrading
of the program. The changes have to be done only once, on the file server,
instead of on all the individual workstations.
Centralized Software Management.
One of the greatest benefits of installing a network at a school is the fact that all
of the software can be loaded on one computer (the file server). This eliminates
that need to spend time and energy installing updates and tracking files on
independent computers throughout the building.
Resource Sharing.
Sharing resources is another area in which a network exceeds stand-alone
computers. Most students cannot afford enough laser printers, fax machines,
modems, scanners, and CD-ROM players for each computer. However, if these
or similar peripherals are added to a network, they can be shared by many users.

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