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June 26th, 2020 Comments

Internet Cable vs LAN Cable

In the networking world, Internet cable and LAN cable are the two frequently used terms. They are cables used to connect networking devices like computers, network switches or routers for transferring data. These cables are essentially the carrier or media through which data flows. So are they the same things? Here focuses on Internet cable vs LAN cable, to explain the two types and some FAQs.

Internet cable vs LAN cable

Internet Cable vs LAN Cable: What Are They?
The Internet is a worldwide collection of networks that connects millions of business, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals. Internet services like file sharing, Internet access, and more are all delivered to end users via various types of mediums, which usually includes network switches, routers, fiber optic links, copper cabling technologies and so on. Therefore, Internet cables can be regarded as the physical cables used in the Internet.

The most common types are fiber optic cables, coaxial cable, copper cable and so on. A fiber optic cable contains one or more optical fibers inside an insulated casing, and work to deliver signal via light. It’s designed for long distance, high-performance data networking and telecommunications since it provides higher bandwidth and can transmit data over long distances. Based on different connectors, fiber cables are divided into standard fiber patch cables with connectors like LC or SC, and MTP fiber cables.

The common fiber cables are widely deployed for most 10G transmissions, and MTP cables are designed for 40/100G transmissions in data centers. Besides, fiber cables are also used in outdoors. These outdoor fiber cables like armored patch cables or military grade fiber cables can be used in harsh environment such as outdoor underground cabling.

Coaxial cable is one type of electrical cable. It has a center conductor and an outer conductor with an insulating spacer between them. It’s primarily used in applications like telephone trunklines, high-speed computer data busses, carrying cable television signals and so on, since it can perform good at high frequencies and provide superior EMI control. Note that, copper cable is also called LAN cables, which is also a type of Internet cables.

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