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November 2nd, 2011 Share

Makeup Artist, Actress,Singer, entrepreneur

Hi my name is Catherine Pearl, I am 51 and have been told I look way younger, some say 40, other's say 38 . Who knows" maybe its just to make me feel better lol .....hmmmmm. I am a makeup artist, singer actress, basically an entrepreneur. I have done alot of thing's when it come's to the entertainment world. I just had my comp card and head shot done, and I am about to take Ron milkie's acting class. He was "officer Ron in Friday 13th, the original. If you are interested in looking for a woman that loves the spotlight, but also knows how to be   hunmble. Maybe because I am married to a wonderful man  that is almost half my age. he is 32 and I am 51, he is my best friend and my greatest supporter, and he backing me  100% to  chase my dream and this is where it begin's.  Hopefully I might be what you are looking for so ,  don't hesitate to contact me. I have alot of talent to offer and I would  love to be able to show someone who might be interested.

Thank you,

 Catherine Pearl

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Music, Visual Arts

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