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April 1st, 2010

Connecticut Film Festival

You see the world differently, with an independent point of view, and your film has... an attitude? Welcome to CTFF, a festival with the right attitude! We're new (5 years old), open-minded and hot! Our mission is to excite, encourage, and teach, but most of all to connect you in ways that truly ignite your creativity and imagination. We're the catalyst between you and the film industry and we want you to expand your knowledge and fuel your career. CTFF is here to build a community of innovative change-makers and open-minded filmmakers who want to create experiences, be in tune with their audiences and change the world with their art. Our year round festival is unique: with us, your project (if you choose) can be seen by diverse, critical audiences in theaters, colleges and at cultural institutions throughout Connecticut. Our season culminates in downtown Danbury and on the campuses of Western Connecticut State University with 6 days and nights of exhibition and competition in film, music and interactive/digital media as well as numerous industry networking opportunities, exceptional educational events and of course, tons of parties! Our philosophy is based on daring and compassion. We choose films based on cinematic quality, their ability to move audiences and share a universal point of truth. The films we love are clever, funny, wry, sad and sensitive… but always interesting and courageous. We are looking for new voices that are not afraid of taking artistic risks. We especially appreciate beautiful films that inspire our viewers to take action. Whether it’s globally, locally or in their personal lives, your film just might be the recipe to create change. Connecticut Film Festival offers real-time access to the evolution of filmmaking, by creating a place where filmmakers can cross-pollinate with composers, screenwriters, cinematographers, lawyers, distributors and many other critical contacts as they hone their craft while attending our exclusive educational programs. Whether attending as a multi-day track or as individual courses, filmmakers' will broaden their skill sets in screenwriting, film production, postproduction, editing and scoring. You'll be exposed to the nuances of "the making of the deal", while also understanding the legal, marketing and the business sides of your career. We will expand your knowledge with essential keys to finding the right audiences and distribution for your work. Afterwards, schmooze with many great professionals from around the world in our "Shooting Gallery Series"; or immerse yourself in one of our exclusive feature programs like Eastern European Cinematography. Connecticut is the new hot spot for filmmaking and digital technology. It has become the shooting location for hundreds of independent films, big and small. In the last two years alone, more than $600 million dollars of production took place, making Connecticut the new gateway to the film and digital media industry in the Northeastern United States. By connecting the resources and talent with the world stage and with strong support from state and local government, the Connecticut Film Festival will help usher in the new era of creativity and excellence in film. Once your film is accepted, we will do everything in our power to make your visit an exciting, comfortable and fulfilling experience; right down to a pillow to lay your head on at the end of a long day or a shoulder to lean on. All films will be eligible for Specialty Awards, winners will be determined by a panel of industry experts. Have an attitude, apply today to CTFF! We’ll see you at the show!



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