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July 28th, 2011

Bartini's Got Talent!

Hello, ForTalent friends! :-) I'm one of 8 contestants who have been selected to compete in "BarTini's Got Talent," a local NYC singing competition/show that began this past Sunday, August 7th at 10pm, and I'm trying to get the word out. :-) ... Here's the deal: The show is hosted by the fabulous Emily McNamara, and it's being held every Sunday evening at 10pm at BarTini in HK. (642 10th Ave, between 45th and 46th.) The format is like "American Idol," in that one singer will be voted off every week, and the audience will be making the decision. (I'll elaborate in a sec.) Not only will this be a lot of fun and potentially good exposure, but the final winner will receive $1000, a paid show at BarTini, an original song produced by DJTK, and a couple other quirky surprises! There will be three "celebrity judges" every week to offer commentary and advice. Each of the judges will get 10 votes but for the most part, THE AUDIENCE is responsible for swaying the voting. The audience gets a ballot for every drink they buy (INCLUDING soft drinks and water). Every week one singer will be "voted off" until we have the winner. Thanks so much for reading this, and I really hope to see you at the next show: Sunday, Sept. 11th at 10pm! Erika



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