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May 21st, 2012 Report Share


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Film / Theater / TV, Fashion, Performing Arts

The three years I was a cast member on Sesame Street were likely the most memorable years of my life to date. That's because booking this role was a dream come true. I got to play with muppets all day, and even got to tapdance with "Snuffleupagus," the legendary woolly mammoth muppet, who required several puppeteers to operate. I even got to play "Oscar the Grouch's" legs, when the diminutive actor called in sick one day. It was any child's dream! I still have a picture of myself in these furry legs and suspenders! But, aside from being fun, it shaped my life in a lot of ways. That's because that audition was the first time I can remember wanting something so bad and giving it my all to ensure getting it. Previously, as a child actor I was so shy, I sometimes wouldn't even speak to the casting directors, but with this audition I transformed myself into this confident child, one who grounded the job in the audition. It brought me out of my shell and helped form who I am today - anything but shy. I am not only confident in my abilities, but I seek out advice, auditions, classes and new friends in the industry. I learned a lot about being on a set, during my three seasons on Sesame Street, and this is where my true love for acting started to grow and accumulate. Still, though, I'm always hoping my most memorable years are ahead of me. :) Acting is not only my profession, it is the true love of my life. It's funny, like most interesting love stories, it was someone else who introduced me to it - my older brother, Daniel. You could say I followed in his footsteps. After being dragged to an audition with my brother, for an Independent film, "June Roses," at the tender age of 2, the producers thought I was "adorable," - at least enough to cast me in the movie as my brother's little sister. Let's just say the part was not a stretch for me. But, soon after that movie, we both did an American Airlines commercial, and from there I was off and toddling. I started to go on my own auditions and found a love of acting myself. It was second nature to me. However, at that age, even though I loved acting, it was always a part of my life, but really just something else I always did along with dancing, cheerleading, playing basketball, softball, figure skating, gymnastics and taking piano lessons. It wasn't until high school that I realized how much I loved acting, and just how important it was to me. Now, it's my one and only priority. It is my career and I am the CEO of it. It is such a thrill to wake up every day and bring myself one step closer, as I work towards my dream! This is a wonderful time for me, as there is so much in store for me. In fact, my next project, is a movie, "A Place For Heroes," filming in Iowa this summer. It stars Paul Sorvino ("Goodfellas"), Academy-Award Nominee Sally Kellerman and Robert Pralgo ("The Vampire Diaries"), among others. I will be playing the major supporing role of "Nola," the best friend of the love interest. Directed by Scott Thompson and Produced by Sam Borowski, it has a similar structure to "Titanic" with the then-and-now kind of pacing. My scenes take place in the flashback portion of the movie, which like Titanic, represents most of the picture, at a USO dance in the 1940s. A Place For Heroes, will come on the heels of an Indie horror film, I'm in, and a few months before a major Indie I was just cast in callled "Wyandanch." I am the lead actress, playing a student accompanying her friend and love interest from college back to his home town of Wyandanch, New York, a drug-infested depressed town in Long Island. Currently, the Director and Producers are speaking with a major television star to play the role of the young male lead and my love interest. They already have Federico Castelluccio (Furio on "The Sopranos"), Bill Sorvino, the aforementioned Pralgo, Daniel Roebuck ("LOST") and another major star I am not at liberty to reveal yet. In addition, I have auditioned for several television shows, and I even auditioned for the role of "Lady Gaga" in a television movie about her life. Moreover, Sam Borowski, the Producer of A Place For Heroes and Wyandanch, has mentioned wanting to cast me in two more movies. This truly is a wonderful time for me, and as Borowski likes to refer to it as, "The Year of Magic."


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