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THE SCOOP | COC Responds To Accusations Of Vendetta Against National Post Music Critic

May 18, 2016

Arthur Kaptainis, Music Critic

The Canadian Opera Company has responded to accusations that they sought to silence longtime classical music critic Arthur Kaptainis from the National Post, by releasing email correspondence between COC Media Relations Manager Jennifer Pugsley, and National Post’s new arts editor, Dustin Parkes.

The emails show a friendly relationship between Parkes and the COC, with Pugsly offering him free tickets to shows, and requests for meetings to discuss story opportunities.

“We make it a point to have meetings with editors to talk about what’s happening at the company, The COC’s Jennifer Pugsley stated. “Dustin Parkes is new and we haven’t met him before. Part of that conversation is to talk about our relationship with the various journalists involved. And that conversation is between us and the editor.”

What Pugsley doesn’t mention is that she also expressed the COC’s ongoing dismay over reviews by Kaptainis, and requests a meeting with the editor to discuss it, as well as other things, in early June.

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