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What It’s Like To Get Naked And Turn Blue For Spencer Tunick

Jul 12, 2016

Posted: Jul. 12, 2016 6:00 am


“I was silently bombarding myself with questions: ‘Did I remember to shave my armpits?’, ‘Will people notice the freckle on my bum?’ and the big one: ‘What if I’m dyed Avatarblue forever?’ As it happens, my fears were totally unfounded; it was the best and most surreal morning of my life.”


Standing naked in the centre of Hull in the small hours of the morning is not something I ever expected to be doing. But that’s where I found myself on Saturday, wearing nothing but my own skin, painted blue, alongside 3,200 other like-minded people, shivering slightly in the dawn breeze.

As soon as I heard about Spencer Tunick’s vision for his latest artwork, Sea of Hull, back in March, I registered to take part. I’m not even from Hull – I’m a recent graduate living in the countryside outside York – but I couldn’t pass up the experience of posing naked for a world famous photographer.

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