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Hoard Of Gold Coins Found Inside Antique Broadwood Piano

Jan 17, 2017

'Substantial' gold hoard found hidden in piano
A gold hoard was found in a piano in Shropshire

A mysterious hoard of gold coins has been discovered hidden in a piano in Shropshire and a local coroner now needs to determine whether it is “treasure”. The British Museum, which administers the Portable Antiquities Scheme, describes the find as “substantial”. 

The gold was recently discovered by a tuner inside a Broadwood upright piano which had originally been sold in 1906 by a musical instruments shop in Saffron Walden, Essex. The ownership of the piano for most of the 20th century remains untraced, but after a house clearance in 1983 it was bought by a local family. The piano now belongs to a community group in south west Shropshire (roughly 150 miles from Saffron Walden), which was given it as a donation.

The discovery of the gold was reported to the authorities and the coins were deposited at the Ludlow Museum Resource Centre last month (December 2016). The case is now being examined by the Shropshire Coronor’s Office to determine if it falls under the 1996 Treasure Act. To be declared “treasure”, and therefore belong to the Crown, the gold would need to have been deliberately concealed and for the original owner to remain untraced.