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Casting Call: 'This Vampire'

Jun 27, 2017


MAL Productions

Joe LiTrenta, dir.; Sera Capri & Andy LiTrenta, casting dirs.

Production Description

Casting "This Vampire," a short film. Synopsis: An actress, who is herself a weirdo, plays a wonderfully cheerful and super weird prostitute who gets strangled by her criminal-loser boyfriend (whom she loves deeply) but, as the current re-shoot would have it, she doesn’t actually die because she’s a vampire. Instead of complaining about the ****** movie she’s making, the actress makes the most of it. But she is scared of the sex scene, so she tries LSD and a bunch of other things to “take the ego out of it” but it goes further than helping her with the scene, her entire life changes radically and she doesn’t give a **** about acting anymore. For the first time she feels the whole of who she is in a moment, and it’s more than who she was as that actress or this character.


Julie/Froggy (Lead): Female, 18-45 

a fast-talking actress who has boundless energy and is totally fearless; and she’s pretty wacky; the character she is playing, Froggy, is a really funny prostitute; Julie discovers she is more relaxed in character and that she wants to hang on to the feeling forever; in preparation for the role, she experimented with LSD and other drugs to overcome the inhibitions she felt about doing a sex scene and it triggered some strange concepts to her, such as joy; everything was in her head, beliefs that limited who she could be and what she could feel: then this realization of the moment, simple and sensual and with her feet on the ground and not trying to figure it all out; just being happy; not even that; just being; she leaves most of what was her personality behind, seemingly no longer in need of it, to become the character, because she can slip in freely with herself out of the way; while rehearsing the scene with her co-star, she reveals the profound freedom in not being trapped with her identity; she does not recognize herself and loves it, and it makes her performance better; but she doesn’t even care about the movie. Note: Topless nudity for sex scene.

Ethnicity: All Ethnicities

Required Media: Headshot/Photo

Requires Nudity: Yes


Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shooting July or August in Rockaway, NJ.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays: $300/day plus travel and meals. SAG-AFTRA Production ID: 00355707. Note: Film contains nudity. Film will stream free on IMDb.

Key Details

Seeking talent from:

New York, NY

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