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NEWS FotoFocus Symposium to Address Feminism and Politics in Photography This Fall

Sep 18, 2017

BY  POSTED 09/14/17

A one-day symposium organized by FotoFocus in Cincinnati will feature a slate of panels and presentations in the service of themes embedded in the title “Second Century: Photography, Feminism, Politics.” At Memorial Hall on October 7, a keynote conversation between the photographers Tabitha Soren and Katy Grannan will top a roster including curators, critics, journalists, and institutional figureheads.

Writer Aruna D’Souza will present a talk titled “Photography in an Intersectional Field,” with a focus on what it might mean to transmit images in a “post-Ferguson, post-Black Lives Matter, post-Standing Rock, post-Trump, post-***** hats, post-bathroom bills” age. Other panels will convene around such titles as “Still They Persist” and “Women of Latin American Film.” For their keynote conversation, Soren, a noted photographer of baseball, running, and post-Katrina New Orleans (as well as a past MTV News personality and current partner of writer/raconteur Michael Lewis), and Grannan, whose subjects include the “danse macabre of society’s liminal and ignored,” will discuss the notion of “Shooting America.”

In a statement, FotoFocus’s artistic director, Kevin Moore, said, “At a time when everything has become intensely politicized, FotoFocus felt it would be timely to discuss photography from an overtly political perspective. All art has a point of view and may be seen to come from an artist’s particular identity, including gender and political identity.”

The daylong symposium will be free and open to the public.