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These Stunning A.I. Tools Are About to Change the Art World

Dec 12, 2017


Chris Rodley doesn’t consider himself an artist or a computer scientist. But when he tweeted an image he created using a machine-learning algorithm that crossed a page of dinosaur illustrations with a page of flower prints, many assumed he was both. The cleverly merged image, which looks like a horticulturist’s take on Jurassic Park, went viral. Soon after, he found himself inundated with messages asking to purchase high-resolution copies.

“It was a highly successful procrastination attempt,” says Rodley, a Ph.D. student in digital cultures at the University of Sydney. He explained that he generated the mashup on, an online program powered by deep neural networks (a kind of advanced machine-learning algorithm) that identify and combine stylistic elements of one image and apply them to another. No artistic or coding experience required.


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