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Casting Call: Nonna the Musical

Jan 11, 2019





Earthangel Productions


Annemarie St. Michael, Nonna the Musical


Production Description


Casting Nonna for a Middletown Arts Council two night production of a staged reading. Cast must be able to sing/dance and rehearse at the Arts Council 3-4 nights/week starting April 1st.


Nonna (Carmela DeAngelo-Vega) (Lead): Female, 20-65


Soprano - She is the lead character. We see her at 17 and at 50-65. She is a woman living an unfulfilled life who becomes the Music Director of a small church. Her life-story follows the headlines from 1971 to the present. She has a strong religious background and started singing soprano as a child. Her dreams were of being a Broadway star. Learned to play piano. Great voice. In her junior year in High School was part of a rock 'n roll band where she met a fellow musician (Tommy Smith). Because of getting pregnant in her teens, she never finished high school but still developed music therapy and became a humanitarian.


ETHNICITY: Caucasian

REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel, Audio Reel, Cover Letter

High Alto or Soprano - She is Nonna's best friend and the pastor of the Inter-Faith House of Peace. She is in her 30s-40s. Gentle and wise New Thought Healing Minister. She runs a church called Inter-Faith House of Peace where Nona becomes the Music Director. She sings and is charged with carrying out Nona’s last wishes. She is also Frank's love-interest.
Baritone - Nona’s Husband – Cuban Descent. - Baritone. Speaks with a Spanish accent. Stern and strong with a good moral center. His father owned a Bodega which he now owns. He works from early to late and is hardly around. While he is a good provider, he’s not much fun. He has no musical inclination. An ordinary Joe who so much wanted to be around Nona because she was fun, exciting and everyone loved her.

ETHNICITY: Latino/Hispanic, Ethnically Ambiguous / Mixed Race

REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel, Audio Reel, Cover Letter

ETHNICITY: Caucasian

REQUIRED MEDIA: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel, Audio Reel, Cover Letter

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