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Casting Call: 'Shackled'

Jan 10, 2020

ATEGORY:Film: Feature Films TAGS:Union And Nonunion EXPIRES:January 27, 2020 6:59 PM


Shackled Film, LLC

Graham Powell, Matthew Bayer, Luke Spears, Jefferis Gray, filmmakers

Production Description

Casting "Shackled," a gritty, sci-fi noir crime thriller similar in tone and style to films of that genre from the 1980s and 90s.

Synopsis: In a dystopian future where the parole system has been replaced with R.A.P.P. – the Recidivism Account­ability Partnership Program – a white collar ex-con must take drastic measures to ensure his survival when he’s paired with a sociopathic gangster with terminal cancer. One wrong move by either of them could mean the summary execution of them both, via the explosive charges surgically implanted in their hearts as a condition of their release.


Evelyn Cruz (Supporting): Female, 35-43

Professional. Sharp. Attractive. A no nonsense, put-together, news journalist. She comes across like she was born on TV. She is not afraid to challenge her guests with the difficult questions, and even engage them in debate. She is a true journalist - having come up through the local news ranks to rise to level of having her own Primetime show - and the truth is, of course, her #1 priority. But she also knows that ratings are important and “if it bleeds, it leads”, so she won’t hesitate to do a bit of pot stirring and/or sensationalizing.

Note: Actors with actual TV Broadcast News experience are welcome and encouraged to submit.
Ethnicity: Asian, Black / African Descent, Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial, Latino / Hispanic, South Asian / Indian, Southeast Asian / Pacific Islander, White / European Descent
Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel, Cover Letter
Required Skills:
  • Hosting/Presenting
Sen. Conrad Kaine: Male, 45-65

A politically savvy, polished statesman. He is one of the architects of the RAPP program. Not corrupt or bad, he genuinely believes in the logic and righteousness of his position. RAPP does put the onus on the individual offenders instead of society at large. He can’t stand the spin and narrative that have been promulgated by some in the media. He has no patience for kid-glove criminal justice policies that, well intended as they may be, only yield more crime. With all that said, he IS still a politician and is constantly running for the next election. He may even have his sights set of a future White House run. So everything he says and does is carefully curated. Every TV interview is an opportunity to reach the voters.
Ethnicity: White / European Descent
Pat (Supporting): Male, 40-60
He has a tough exterior with the heart of a mentor, and genuinely wants to help others reach their full potential. Pat was one of the first people to go through RAPP and one of the few to have survived. The program worked for him for one reason: he put in the work. Now he tries to give back by imparting his hard-earned wisdom to others so that they may also succeed. He runs a weekly support group meeting which RAPP participants are mandated to attend. He coaches them on how to successfully make it through the program. He’s been a mentor figure to many people who never had such a thing in their lives before. He still has some of the rough edges that come naturally from having lived a hard life. But now he’s a reformed and productive member of society. He believes strongly in the work that he does - in a sense, he really IS saving lives - and that everyone deserves a second chance. Nothing frustrates him more than the wasted potential of someone violating.
Ethnicity: Black / African Descent
Required Media: Headshot/Photo, Video Reel

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Shoots Feb. 3-28 in NYC. NYC local hires only.

Compensation & Union Contract Details

Pays $125/day. SAG-AFTRA Ultra Low Budget Contract.

Key Details

Seeking talent from:

New York, NY

Key Details

Seeking talent from:

New York, NY

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