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The power of networking can work wonders in the film industry - has given me the platform to network and land a role in a short film, Pollination!

MariaRusoloMaria Rusolo: After being encouraged by Sam Borowski at the ForTalent booth at last year's Showbiz Expo, I not only signed up for the site, but regularly visit. And, it was Borowski, ForTalent's industry insider, who wound up casting me in his short, POLLINATION * starring opposite Federico Castelluccio of THE SOPRANOS fame and Bill Sorvino. We are now looking to qualify for the Academy Awards. And, knowing Sam already qualified a previous short (THE MANDALA MAKER) for the Oscars, I was very excited. In fact, it was Sam who helped me get L.A. representation by recommending me to a wonderful boutique agency. I think that exemplifies what ForTalent is all about. And, the fact that it's free - it doesn't cost you anything. It just doesn't make sense not to join.

  • Name: Maria Rusolo
  • Date: May 4, 2012